: My newest addition a '67 Fleetwood!

12-28-10, 01:40 PM
A 1967 Fleetwood Brougham, Picked it up for 1300 bucks, okay so it doesn't have 50k original miles ( After reading thru all the paperwork, it more like 150k, had tons of stuff replaced, even a minor engine rebuild and trans rebuild) but who cares I love it anyway. I still haven't named it, it's gunna be painted Matte black (if a shop does it) or flat black (if I attempt to paint it) I may have a white top or maybe not *shrugs* Matte black with a white vinyl top would look interesting.
Anyway, these are old pics, the car now has 3" wide whitewalls on red steelies.

I'ma try to get some pics with the new shoes.. :P

02-07-11, 03:18 PM
Back in the early eighties I was driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fa on business doing about 75 mph when I see an older Cadillac closing on me at a pretty good clip. Fairly quickly the car was passing me, it was a Cadillac Fleetwood very similar to the one you just bought ..... except the plates said New Mexico 1! It was the governor's car with the governor driving ( later that day I met the governor and it was the same guy)! No chauffeur, just the Governor driving himself ... very rapidly back to Santa Fe. Wonder if your new car is the same one? As I remember it the color and vinyl roof was the same.

02-08-11, 09:05 AM
Those keys are awesome. One thing I don't understand about those cars is the steering wheel. What an odd place to put the wreath and crest. You'd think it would look much better centered between all 3 spokes, not down there on the very bottom of the wheel.

Lord Cadillac
02-09-11, 04:30 PM
Very nice! Do post updates, please!

06-20-11, 07:03 AM
My god that is a behemoth. Love it.