View Full Version : 1975 fleetwood p 8.875 axle 12 bolt cover?!

12-27-10, 10:13 PM
All this time I have been led to think that the 75 fleetwood axle was a 10 bolt cover with 12 bolt guts. However, this illustration shows a 12 bolt cover...Rockauto's axle cover gasket also lists it as having 12 bolt holes...Anyway, does anyone know the spline count on this "p" 8.875 axle? I am trying to work on getting a posi unit for my axle.


12-28-10, 02:57 AM
You'll probably have to look under your car to get a bolt count, I bet its 12 though. I'd also bet the spline count is 28 but I dont know for sure. You might be able to call an axle/bearing shop to get some info.

12-28-10, 02:23 PM
All '71-'76 Caddies have a unique, off-set rear diff. with 12 bolt cover and heavy-duty innards. Not seen on any other GM full-size! It is an extremely robust rear axle. 1977-1981 RWD Cadillacs have the interesting 10-bolt cover with 12 bolt, 8.875 carrier and heavy duty axles. Not sure on the spline count for either, though.