: 2005 Escalade ESV Platinum Rear View Camera

12-27-10, 05:47 PM

I bought the 2005 ESV Platinum and love it:stirpot:.

Since its huge my wife wants to put a rear view camera. I went to a couple of stores didnt get much luck. Best Buy guy told me to get Wireless one but that they dont have good reception.

Any suggestions what to buy and from where.


12-27-10, 06:33 PM
well, you can integrate it into your factory nav, if you have factory nav. or you can get a separate, dedicated screen...

Factory Nav, get the PAC VCI-GM2 adapter for $250 and then your choice of cameras around $50 or so...

dedicated screens are endless. you can get the ones that go over the rear view mirror or any number of other options...

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