: New Member needing help on resto parts and some fan bolts. :)

12-26-10, 01:29 PM
Hi Guys.

First let me introduce myself. I am a 15 year Active Duty Airforce troop who inherited a 1974 Cadillac sedan Deville when my grandfather passed years ago. He never really drove it and when it ended up in my hands it has 11k on the odometer and the original tires. The car was to be sold in the estate but I threw a fit when my parents mentioned it was to be sold. I remember sitting on his lap in the 70's and he let me steer on some old side roads. Was such a thrill back then.

Anyway I need some parts and I know the quality can really flux here so I am asking the experts on the forum.

I need...

1. The body filler panels between the quarter panel metal and the rear taillight - both sides. And the lics plate tray. I know the quality is huge here and some sets are terrible.

2. 4 bolts for the fan that mounts the fan clutch to the pully.

3. Set of Chrome trim that runs in the center of the car - for example it is the bump guard so people don't hit there door on the paint. I need a set that goes all around the car. It has shifted over time and looks mis-aligned.

Thanks for your time guys. I know someone might have some experience on this stuff. I attached a picture of the car when I got it years ago. Still looks the same minus the parts I need. I have stored it for years since I got it.

Thx Earl

12-26-10, 04:16 PM
Very nice, and welcome to the "club." That is one fine automobile you got there! I am not sure about where to get the filler parts. I just got mine done on my '89, but it was a fiasco and the body shop ordered them for me. The other things can probably be had from your local pull-a-part. Also, put a wanted post in the "Need Parts" sticky. Somebody might either have one or might keep their eyes peeled for one at their local salvage lot.

Good luck!

12-26-10, 05:33 PM
Pull a part. I think I am going to have to try that. Thx for replying. I was hoping there would be a store that I could buy some newones from. I might just try some odd bolts till I find the pattern and head down to lowes.

Thx for your input. Hope someone has the answer for the body fillers and the chrome.

12-26-10, 05:46 PM
I wouldn't necessarily buy bolts for my car at Lowe's. Auto bolts have a much higher tension rating than your average construction bolts. AutoZone would be a better bet. I would get a Dealer Service Manual for your car if you can find one. Check E-bay. I bought one for my '89 for $5. Has all that good information in there.

Good luck!

12-26-10, 06:03 PM
The entire rear filler (5 pieces) can be found here:
For only $357USD

As to the centre body trim, it usually looks mismatched. Your body has shifted over time. Align from the rear quarter forward (that is the only panel that cannot be moved).

Very nice looking car, BTW.


12-26-10, 11:16 PM
Nice. Thx for the link that's perfect. As for the trim. Well it gets worse than that. I had something fall out of the attic a year ago and hit the trim. It picked up speed on the way down and bent it in two parts when it hit. I found it on the ground bent. Totally unusable. Anyhow the body fillers was fantastic. Thx for the advise.

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