: Modified Olds Aurora. Merry Christmas everyone!

12-25-10, 03:27 PM
One of the shop cars in various stages of development.


Few details will be released right now there is progess being made on the performance side of things. I can't produce any numbers at this time just thought I'd post a video of the test mule on the road. I can't wait until the track opens-

12-26-10, 03:02 PM
show me more!

12-27-10, 08:40 AM
I'm kind of "Intrigued" too.

lol. Olds humor and what not.

12-27-10, 03:30 PM
I almost bought one a while back, 97, black on black, 165,000 km's, sitting in back of a dealer. Clean car with dead trans.... i take it for a swap though that you want the "autobahn" package.. ? ... !

03-29-11, 02:37 PM
just browsing back a few months
so jake what did you ever come about with the Aurora
any news info on it what ya do with it is it a beast ?