View Full Version : Did the XM to aux audio mod

12-24-10, 08:31 AM
Went smoothly, just like the tutorial said it would. Spent too much time getting the lower molding off, and deciding how to splice the wires--cut them out of frustration (giving up XM completely for now)


I'm going to run nav so i dont have to look at the irrelevant XM station info while i'm listening to music.

I'd LOVE to replace the head unit with an iPad. a proper install of a PA15VETTE and some type of mount to have iPad in front of the head unit/heat controls is probably the closest i'd ever get to an ipad integration

I've been saying for a while that an iPad is the perfect auto entertainment package. great screen, movies, nav, music... what auto-specific entertainment system can do what the iPad does for $700?

hah. Cadillac needs to just go ahead and make an Apple edition. that would be sleek