: '72 500 Cam Identification

09-23-04, 03:44 PM
Hey guys,

Just found this forum on the net and thought I would join up. And, of course, like most new members, I have a question. (or two)

I am in the middle of a fairly stock rebuild on my '72 500. The motor had been rebuilt at least once before by a PO. I am at the point of installing my timing chain.

The manual states to line up the pin in the cam with the hole in the gear. Only problem is, there is no pin in the cam. No big deal, I'll install one. Problem is, the hole in the cam is 3/8" dia and the hole in my gear is a few thousanths under 1/4" dia. The timing chain set is supposed to be a factory replacement so I would assume that the 1/4" dia hole would be the correct diameter for the pin. This has lead me to try to find out what kind of cam I have.

I have not yet measured the lift on the lobes but I have identified some cam markings. Between the first bearing surface and the first lobe there are some numbers and letters in the shaft of the cam. The letters are "GWC" or "CWC" (hard to tell the first letter) and the numbers are 149 on top and 7811 underneath. These are the only markings I can find on the cam.

Now the questions:
Does any of this ring a bell to you?
Any resources out there that I could use to identify this cam?(I've tried Googling the info above with no luck.)
What pin diameter is correct? Since I may be looking at a cam replacement if I can't identify this one, any suggestions for a mild cam that will be used with the stock carb and the Edelbrock intake?

Well, sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any assistance you could provide.

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09-26-04, 06:56 PM
no pin just line the holes up and put the bolts in .... make sure you use the right bolts if to long they will stick out the back

09-28-04, 02:54 PM
Thanks for the "no pin" information. I would like to agree with that if it weren't for the slight deformation I am seeing on the CCW side of the bolt holes. This tells me that there is a bit of strain being put on the timing gear to cam bolts.

I did a bit of measuring on the cam lobes to see what I've got. I am not positive on which is intake and which is exhaust but the numbers I am getting show a .281 or .282 on one of them and a .277 to .279 on the other. Do these numbers indicate a stock cam or a modified cam? I am trying to find stock cam information and have been having little luck. Any other resources?

Thanks for the help guys.

09-29-04, 08:42 AM
Ok, finally found some info on the stock Caddy cams. With the numbers I measured off my lobe and a stock rocker ration of 1.65:1, I have a valve lift of about .463 which puts this cam in the "stock" category.

Well, I am going to go with the Edelbrock intake, stay with the stock carb (if i can find where I put it), and put on a true dual exhaust.

So the question is, does anybody have any suggestions on a mild performance cam that they may have had some good luck with? How about any cams to stay away from?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.