: axle seal leaking?

12-23-10, 06:00 PM
Gearoil on the garage floor...looks like it is coming from the axle seal in the diff. are these hard to change? Any info will help me decide if I'm going to tackle this myself,or take it to the stealership!

12-23-10, 06:22 PM
You sure it's not from the top of the diff from the vent? Has your V had the vent tube TSB done?

12-23-10, 06:34 PM
I agree with Houdini the vent is the more likely source of the problem.

I just replaced an axle seal that I had damaged doing my last axle swap. The fluid covered on side of the case, but not the other. It never got any fluid on the floor. Replacement requires removal of the axle and is therefore the same degree of difficulty as an axle change. The seal itself is not hard in that it comes out pretty easily with a screwdriver and requires only caution to reinstall.

12-23-10, 06:50 PM
what is the problem w/ the vent tubes?

12-23-10, 07:18 PM
Funny. I noticed gear oil under my diff just recently.

12-23-10, 07:39 PM
what is the problem w/ the vent tubes?

The differential vent can leak and is the subject a Technical Service Bulletin (see attached). Moving the vent as indicated in the TSB however, does not always resolve the problem.

12-23-10, 11:06 PM
Yeah I had the tsb done at one dealership but it leaked again after a few months. Yesterday, a different dealership wanted to redo it it. They dropped the diff and performed the work. Hopefully it is fixed this time.

12-24-10, 08:07 PM
Fluid can leak out of the vent but I doubt that's the problem. After a couple years of driving debris stick to any fluid that has splashes out forming a gunk that stops the leaking.

Odds are it is your pinion seal that's leaking. It's a well know problem that turned in to a national recall that your dealer will fix with a new seal for free.

12-25-10, 08:51 PM
had my seal replaced, took them about an hour and a half, but was also replaced under warranty

12-26-10, 12:26 PM
I put mine up on a lift yesterday (father-in-law has one). My leak appears to be coming from the top of my diff. Pinion and axle seals look dry. I don't THINK my car has the TSB done and one of the dealers I took it to under CPO told me I didn't need it. Do I need it now?

12-26-10, 09:19 PM
Sounds like it. I think they can only do something if you have a leak.

01-09-11, 08:36 AM
Just for the record....It was both axle seels that were leeking!

01-09-11, 11:24 AM
Wow, both, huh?

For the record, I was back at a dealer for some back ordered CPO parts and they did the TSB even though I am a little outside the mileage portion of CPO.