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Black Sunshine
12-22-10, 10:09 PM
In response to your message:

Ahhh crap. That's terrible. I think I still have his email around here somewhere. Thanks for letting me know.

The communities are small but we're all spread out. Wish we could get one big V gathering together sometime. The Impala guys have put together 140 road side parking spaces for Woodward this Fall while making it a national event with a show, drags, auto-x and a road race. All in three days. Even lined up some GM support (now that they're spending again). I KNOW we could line up the V's at the GM Tech Center or the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green for something similar.

12-24-10, 11:46 PM
Its clean now. Yeah, although I have never personally met him he seems like a genuinely nice guy and everyone loved Rita.

Im down for BG or Bluegrass Motorpark if I stil have the V next year.