12-22-10, 08:29 PM
Hey everyone hopefully you can help me out ... well im finally at the point with no ext warranty on my truck and I am handy with my hands and figuring this has to be some kind of fuse or breaker problem maybe I can get the correct advice here...

I have a 03 ext problem is not too long ago both front heated seats do not work ... buttons for memory seats 1 and 2 still work and the button for the motorized pedals still work but heated seats do not work and the driver passenger seat motor no longer works.. the passenger seat works but the the heated seats do NOT work on that side also.. well when i bought the truck it came with an 02 ext owners manual for whatever reason but ive notcied from 02 to 03 they have changed quite a few things even down the fuse block assemblys as they are shown in the manual ... well i went to the block assembly to the right of the ebrake pedal opened it and pulled the breaker the is listed as 30a cb seat on the listing inside the cover went to dealer paid 15 and some change for it ! put in new breaker and to no problem solved still everything is not working ... i do not want to go purchase the breaker that says 25a rt door and replace without getting some advice and sepending more money ... i saw in another thread there was some type of tsb for this issue and is there a programmer that needs (tech 2) ?? to be used to resolve this issue... ???

I really hope this is a simple fix

thank you
lou f

12-25-10, 04:18 PM
ok i posted this three days ago and I am very surprised that no one has any useful info to help me with this situation... how bout a christmas present ?

12-29-10, 05:11 PM
ok guys can someone help me here please !! there has to be somoene out there who can help me with this problem ...

01-04-11, 01:38 PM
well I think this might be the last time I post any problems on this site ... I know there are even techs from dealers on these forums and im very very surprised I havnt even gottena response from anyone