View Full Version : LAPD Remote Clutch Bleeder with Stock Slave

12-22-10, 06:33 PM
I bought a LAPD remote bleeder a while bach cause I was going to do an LS7 clutch swap.

I have gone in a different direction and have purchased a Katech LS9 setup. I am now going to use a new stock CTS-V slave and and wondering if the LAPD bleeder will work with a stock CTS-V slave. The bleeder is bent on the end that goes to the bleeder and is not a straight out like the CTS-V bleeder.

I have searched and have found stuff like reverse the ends etc, straighten the bent end and other stuff that seems risky.

Anyone know of a bleeder that works with the stock CTS-V slave?

Thanks, Jeff

12-22-10, 06:56 PM
Contact LAPD and they will make whatever you want. I did! However, the one you have will work fine just by swapping ends.

12-22-10, 07:23 PM
I looked at the end swap thing and there are not near enough threads on the straight end. It would be like 1 or 2 turns.

I will give LAPD a call and see what they can do. Thanks

Any more ideas are appreciated.

12-23-10, 02:01 PM
I straightened the bent end on mine slightly. It doesn't have to be completely straight. Also, you would have had to do the same with the LS7 setup.

12-23-10, 02:11 PM
I did the same thing as PISNUOFF. Just find the mating connector and thread it onto the fitting and very slowly and careully straiten the line out enough to meet your needs. I didnt have to add heat or anything and did not crimp the line at all. Doesnt leak and worked out great.
Just take your time..

12-23-10, 02:21 PM
Thanks for the help, I called LAPD and they are working with me to get the hose that is straight on both ends.