View Full Version : To Buy 2005 Escalade ESV Platinum vs 2006 Escalade ESV: Please Help

12-21-10, 11:52 PM

I narrowed my search down to two cars and had them both inspected by a local Cadillac Dealer. Both of them have some minor work needed and are other wise in good condition. Here are the options...2005 Escalade ESV Platinum 90k vs 2006 Escalade ESV 96k. The 2006 is 1K more in price.

This will be my first Cadillac purchase so I would really really appreciate all your inputs.


12-22-10, 12:19 AM
Platinum. Same exact truck (03-04 same - 05-06 same) except the plat has the upgrades. rims, suspension, chrome grill, and all the interior upgrades...

12-23-10, 09:09 AM
+1 on nathanjax, go with the bling!!!! Platinum!

12-24-10, 12:56 PM
Though call, when you intend the resell the vehicle more people care about the year than the bling.

I would check on how the interior and paint look, plus what needs to be done on each like tires, brakes. The 06 may be $1k more but the tires may be newer.

12-27-10, 12:35 PM
one word - Platinum