View Full Version : restoration parts catalogs ?

12-21-10, 11:19 PM
i only found one company that deals with rwd Cadillac's from 1985 why is this ? i mean the car it self is almost 26 years old and is old enough to have antique plates . the company i found was USA PARTS and they have parts that im going to order but at the same time i would love to have different options and prices .
can any one help me out here and direct me to the right web sites ?
ive been looking for a few weeks now and cant really find anything the ones i do find only go up to 79.

12-22-10, 01:40 AM
Try Original Parts Group. The main reason that your car lacks support is that they're not considered particularly collectible by "serious collectors". Pity, really.

12-22-10, 03:52 AM
i tried OPG and they dont carry parts for my year model thank you for the help .
its a shame really is it to much to ask for nice brand new trim and emblems with out searching for em ?
some of mine are ok but its showing its age and i planning on re painting the car this summer and im trying to make it look show room new minus the cad 500.:shhh: