: how to remove/replace heater core? 95" fleetwood

12-21-10, 05:46 PM
I need to replace the heater core in my 95" fleetwood. It started to leak , and i wanted to ask u guys if u could give me directions how to replace it. The windows inside the car get very foggy when i turn the heat on.

12-21-10, 08:28 PM
Disconnect hoses at firewall. Remove passenger seat (trust me). Remove lower dash trim. Remove panel that covers heater core. 7.5mm nuts, I believe. The one at the firewall is really hard to get to. I use a flex adapter. Release spring clip on core. Pull out core. Replace new core, reverse all directions. Fill coolant. Jack up nose of car, bleed coolant with engine hot.

12-21-10, 08:36 PM
Changing the heater core in these cars were on of the eaziest I have done.. 90% of the work is done under the passanger side dash..take the cover from the under the dash.. under there you will see the heater box..there is a cover that covers the heater core.. the cover is angled on the right side and the left side is rectangle shape.. this is one plastic cover.. there 7 screws holding it on.. but the two at the top can't be seen.. I just went it with a driver and felt around and got them out... can't remember what was holding in the core, not much, few screws... under the hood you have to take off the two clamps on the heater hoses... and there is a drain hose that you have to take off ... I did not take off that drain hose first.. did not know it was there.the hose fell on the ground.. then when it was all toether instead of dripping a/c water outside on the ground it leaked inside on the carpet...Another thing I did not like... I went to autozone for the core.. to ship it in a smaller box they made the inlet and outlet tubes movable.. they have rubber seals that can be dammaged and leak when moving into place...if you get one like this a little lube before moving is not a bad idea..wd40, something wet and slippery...

12-22-10, 08:42 AM
this is a good thread! I've been wondering about that since I flushed my core and still not getting the heat i expected...

Jay, why remove passenger seat? just for ease of movement?

12-22-10, 12:36 PM
Thanks alot guys, u are the best :)

12-22-10, 12:39 PM
Yep, removing the seat makes it MUCH easier to work. Throw a towel over the exposed seat mounting bolts. They hurt like hell when they jab in the ribs.

01-14-12, 03:54 AM
Thanks for the directions, Jay and Menard.

I just got finished replacing my heater core and I have pictures for anyone who may still be skeptical about the simplicity of the job;


Disconnect hoses at firewall.

Remove lower dash trim.

Remove panel that covers heater core.

The one [screw] at the firewall is really hard to get to.

Release spring clip on core.

Replace new core

Enjoy heat, steam free windows, and dry carpet!

01-14-12, 07:47 AM
You sir, have convinced me. I'm going to tackle this on the wagon.

01-14-12, 11:09 AM
that looks to easy, i think even I might do mine at work this week if the dealership has one in stock...i flushed mine a few times around october when i expected it to get cold. the water flows out free and clear every time but im barely getting heat with the panel on 85-90 degrees and it doesnt last long, few minutes it goes back cold.

01-14-12, 10:23 PM
@ Stingroo, Do it! lol

@ Nola, I purchased mine (AC Delco #1560063) from Rock Auto for $178 plus shipping. I think the dealer charges more.

01-15-12, 02:04 AM
Wow, $178!! I see that the AC Delco one on rockauto is much more than the rest. Wonder why?

01-15-12, 03:17 AM
Well, $173.79. Couldn't remember the exact price during that first response.

But yeah, the AC Delco is much higher than the other aftermarket parts. I'd assume it's either because the supply is low, or they know people will pay big bucks for OEM parts, so why not jack-up the price. I still think it's cheaper than dealer.

It cost $153 on eBay, with free shipping. I couldn't find it on eBay at first because I kept searching "1560063" without the dash. Come to find out, you have to type "15-60063" in order for them to come up.

By the time I figured that out, I had already ordered from Rock Auto. Amazon's search engine brought it up without the dash, but it's $200 on Amazon.

Kinda salty I didn't get the $153 deal, but oh well, lesson learned.

Hopefully no one comes on next and says something like, "Hey everybody! They have the AC Delco's on such and such for $30." lol.. Then I'll have to shoot myself.

01-15-12, 11:03 AM
i work at a dealership bodyshop so i get a discount through any dealership and auto parts stores like pepboys, oriellys and napa...plus i get it tax free and dont have to pay right away so If available i may get it cheaper than $178

before i do that though i want to be 100% certain its that and not the blend door malfunctioning or something stupid

06-04-13, 10:34 PM

Thank you for the pictures. Looks like the seals for the pipes are the problem area since the rest seems to be allmetal. They will always find a way to screw things up!

06-04-13, 11:02 PM
I had a 95 RMW, the original heater core lasted 220K. I replaced it with a genuine, made in Mexico, NAPA heater core. It lasted 12K. Lesson learned, I will pay for quality.

I also pull out the seat and cover the bolts with cardboard. Makes the job alot more barable.

Tom C.

06-05-13, 01:05 PM
I often tell the tale of my 57 Chevy's heater core. It started leaking a few years ago so I replaced it. It had the date stamped on it from the factory----1957! It lasted over 50 years without leaking! They really knew how to build them back then. :p

03-27-14, 04:31 PM
Just wanted to thank those who contributed to this thread. When the new thermostat didn't bring back my heat, and flushing the heater core didn't make a difference, I decided to swap out the heater core. The whole job took about 2 hours, and you could bake cookies in the floorboards now!

Cadillac Giovanni
10-17-15, 01:29 PM
Hate to bump an old topic, but to those who did this job... are the inlet and outlet pipes on the heater core supposed to be able to spin around? Seems odd to me, like you'd want a tighter seal there...

10-17-15, 02:40 PM
yes thats normal, i know what you mean though

phantom 309
09-04-16, 03:00 PM
This is a great thread,. i just removed the core today,.it was leaking in one corner,

The MF bolt up behind the box,. right by the firewall etc,.I use a 90 deg 1/4" driver that came in some crappy little 1/4" set i had,.with a 7/32" 12 point socket,. and a boat load of patience,.
I undid the front seast from its mounts and undid the elctrical plug,. then just moved the seat as far back to the back seat as i could, i didn't want to get involved with the cable that anchors the centre passenger seat belt,..
After i huffed and puffed while twisted sideways with my leg hanging out the door killing my thigh etc,.I finally figured out that there are TWO spring clips with bolts etc,.
Now i,m on the hunt for an AC DELCO replacement,. as the spectra ones seem very chintzy,.
If i can't source on i,m going to put some epoxy around where the tubes are crimped in,.and they rotate etc,. very cheap chintzy replacement cores,.