View Full Version : How Do I remove wiper blades from 05 STS and Good place to purchase replacements

12-20-10, 11:09 PM
How Do I remove wiper blades from 05 STS to install new ones and a Good place to purchase replacements/part number. Thanks in advance for any help.

12-21-10, 10:56 AM
There is a push in piece on each side of the blade, push both in and pull away from the arm.

As for replacements, I go to the local parts store and get a set of rainex lattitudes. I like them better than the first set of Michelin's I used and they aren't as expensive as the OEM's.

12-21-10, 06:27 PM
just bought the Bosch Icons, they are GREAT, i like them better than the Rainx lattitudes, very smooth, chatterless, and even in heavy rain/snow, every wipe dries the windshield

12-21-10, 07:37 PM
thanks for the help i figured it was easy just didnt want to break anything....thanks again

12-21-10, 11:21 PM
I use OEM from Rock Auto. Clean & refurb old ones as needed.