: How to pull out the universal garage door opener for my new car?

12-20-10, 04:04 PM
I have a '96 Fleetwood and I just bought another '96 so I want to take my factory universal garage door opener out and transfer it to the new car. How does it come out? I cannot figure out how. I remember installing it was simple -- just push in and it clicks into place. I appreciate the help very much.

12-20-10, 04:20 PM
theres a plastic tab that locks it into place
the best way to remove it is take the two p/screws out , located above the sunglass holder portion, then take down the unit
there will still be a couple wires attached
but it will give you the access you need
then look at the opener you will see that plastic lock tab
gently pry it up as you pull on the opener
it should slide right out

12-21-10, 02:32 AM
The easier way then that is just slide something thin under the garage door opener until it catches the clip and releases it.