: 2005 sts leaking coolant

12-20-10, 03:18 PM
I have a 2005 STS when i leave it stored for a couple days it leaks coolant, i can drive it and park it and it doesnt seem to leak. left in my garage for a couple days, coolant all over the floor. Any ideas? i heard the radiators are crap in these. CAR only has 50,000 miles

12-20-10, 03:49 PM
Get a good strong flashlight and a lift and look to see where it's coming from.

12-20-10, 06:26 PM
water pump

12-20-10, 07:54 PM
^^^ Me, too. The drip was almost as far back as the firewall. I haven't read one word about bad radiators. Where's that from?