: 2000 Escalade trailer brake wiring

12-20-10, 08:42 AM
Hey everyone, i've done a ton of searching and looking around, but havent exactly found what im looking for.

I have a 2000 Escalade that came with the hitch, but no connector. I bought and installed the connector. I found the "light duty" wiring at the drivers side corner at the rear of the truck. I also found the "heavy duty" wiring right on the frame rail by the spare tire.

I connect both sets of wires to the connector(4/7 pin hoppy connector). All the trailer lights work just fine.

My question is in regards to the electric brake connections. I followed the orange and blue wires from the rear of the truck to the front of the truck and found that they terminate right by the brake master cylinder. I assume the following is correct:

Orange Wire - +12V
Blue Wire - to brake controller

Now the controller has 4 wires:

White Wire - Negative battery terminal
Blue Wire - Trailer brakes
Black wire - Positive battery terminal
Red Wire - Cold side of stop lamp switch

The white wire is a given. The blue wire from controller would get connected to the blue wire going to the hoppy adapter.

Now the black wire....I can just connect this to the positive terminal with the orange wire right(properly fused of course)?

The red wire controls the signal to activate the controller, but does anyone know which pin/wire this is off hand?

Any help is greatly appreciated, as are diagrams or schematics.


12-22-10, 08:50 AM
Anyone? Will be towing a trailing home from NY this weekend and would like to have the brake all set up.