: First time Escalade Owner stearing wheel controls/new HU.

Marcus Stockton
12-19-10, 09:47 PM
I have been reading all over the net of some of these adapters that allow you to maintain door chimes/bose/onstar/ so on and so forth. Of course i went to crutchfield and did some looking and was seeing a lot of negative reviews on the adapter it was about half and half.


Guess im looking for soeone that has knowledge in this area before i go out and blow 700 bucks on a new head unit.

Very open to other places to shop/what i should use. My other car is a 97 eclipse (yes turbo at 30 pnds of boost) and the system in that was nothing. thanks.

Old Guy
12-24-10, 09:51 AM

I personally am using the : ISGM575 on my Escalade. I use the aux in too and have it hooked up to an aftermarket JVC radio which is sitting where the OEM 6-disc changer was. I have the front RCA output going into the OEM Nav unit this way so I get audio and the sub RCA's are going to an amp under the rear seat so I can have my bass. Suprisingly I have no problems with this setup. The OEM stereo automatically stops just before clipping and is still pretty damn loud vs. the 2-15's and 1000+ wat amp pushing them.

So in short, you can easily add an aftermarket radio without having to rewire or remove any of the OEM system at all. Depending on the feature of the DIN sized aftermarket radio you get, you can add other aux inputs, bluetooth, nav, SD card, USB and other stuff all depending on what radio you decide to get and never really mess with the OEM setup and not loose XM radio or your OnStar either.

12-30-10, 12:14 PM
You wanna use the Metra GMOS4 to install an aftermarket radio. Then if you wanna retain the steering controls. You will wanna pick up a unit from PAC audio SWI-JACK or SWI-PS. These pieces can be found on eBay for a lot cheaper then Crutchfield. If you have any other questions PM me. I have been in the car audio business for over 10 years. I'd be more then happy to help.