: Tail Light Emblems

12-19-10, 03:58 PM
Tail Light Emblems

I love how some of the older model Cadillacs had the emblems on the tail lights/head lights. Does anyone know exactly which models had these and/or where I can find them cheap?

Thanks all!

12-19-10, 04:49 PM
Ooh, mine did. Are you looking for the emblems only? Ever do an ebaymotors.com search for "Cadillac Emblem" and refine the search to "parts" all kinds of fun business. I've seen them sell in lots for really cheap, but didn't need any extras at the time. That, or go to a local junkyard (Preferably if you can look at their inventory online first to ensure that they have older Cadillacs)

This trend seems to be coming back and I see all kinds of emblems being glued onto people's tail lights lately. Interestingly, the Town Cars that already HAVE the emblems, I keep seeing with Freemason symbols on them.

Damn Illuminati, all up-ins my Downtown Clermont.

12-20-10, 02:07 AM
I know 78-92 RWD Cadillacs have tail light emblems, they kind of look like the pope's hat. 80-89 RWD have headlight emblems, its more a winged looking badge with the crest. I know some other 70's models have them, 69-70 models have the cool "pope hat" crests on the leading edge of the front fenders. Always thought that was a really cool touch.

I'd think it would be really cool if Cadillac did away with the wreath and crest on all the new cars. Instead of the wreath, bring back the V and crest, in a more art deco sort of style. It would go real well with the Gotham City styling theme they have going on right now.