: Can rear disk brakes from '01+ be fitted to 2000 w/drums?

12-19-10, 01:04 PM
I've searched and I know there is a Stainless Brake solution. But, at a cost over $1000...I'm looking for a cheaper solution.
Has anyone BTDT trying to retrofit rear disks on the '99/'00 model escalades? If so, what do I need from the donor vehicle to make them fit and what donor years work? Is there anything from Chevy that will retrofit/bolt on?

One other thought has come to mind. What about ABS? Did this early generation come with 3/4 channel abs? Never heard of abs on drum brakes!? Guess I can simply look at the abs pump to see how many lines are coming out, right? If I do have 4 wheel abs, will the sensors need to be changed?

One of the issues I'm experiencing with the truck is that is seems as though the rear shoes are grabbing the hubs and when I go to take off from a stop, I hear them kind of pop and let go. It's happening on both sides. Very annoying. I hate drum brakes!

The other issue is pedal dive. Seems like the pedal is traveling way too far before actual brake engagement.

Having just purchased the truck, I'm planning to replace brake fluid and of course bleed the brakes. You guys with '99/'00 trucks...are you getting the same thing with pedal dive and hearing the rear drum pads release when you take off after stopping?

Thanks for any help.

12-20-10, 08:43 PM
i am having the same proble every thing i take of i hear a thump like if the rear break's are stuck did u fix the problem