: 24s?

12-19-10, 03:27 AM
Hey guys! new to the site and need some help. I have an 04 escalade looking to put 24s on. First off, will they fit properly? Do I need to upgrade brakes? tire suggestions?

12-19-10, 04:39 AM
It seems that they fit fine, but the ride get a little rough. Lots of people downgrade back to 20 or 22.

12-20-10, 05:42 PM
They ride fine IF you're already used to big wheels. I had to cut a portion of the inner wheel well to stop the rub on tight turns though which was easy enough to do. I've come to this conclusion after having several full-size SUV's and big wheels - either you're in it to win it or your not. That meaning - either you like & want the look of big wheels and will sacrifice ride quality & not flinch at making a few modifications to your ride to make them fit or maybe it's just not for you. It's really the kind of thing where if you're asking about ride quality it's probably not for you if you want to keep the smooth stock feeling of your Escalade because you'll never get it from a 24".