: Chrome locking wheel nuts

12-19-10, 12:14 AM
I just took delivery of a 2011 SRX and had added locking wheel nuts on the puchase order. When I picked up the car, the dealer said that the chrome locking wheel nuts were not available. They had charged me $50 for them and offered to give me refund. I said no and that I would wait. They said GM only offers a full set of lug nuts with one locking per wheel at $170 vs. just 4 lock only lug nuts. Said looking at aftermarket to try and find. They has some that would work, but to long and that a grip wrench could be used to take off. My dealer is Sewell in Dallas--a very large dealer.

Have any of you been able to find chrome locking lug nuts for SRX?

12-19-10, 03:42 AM
A number of us that have 2010 SRXs have opted for the Gorilla lock system. It`s the Acorn style, part number 61641. The size is 14MM x 1.5

12-20-10, 06:30 AM
I got the dealer ones, and used only the locks out of them (having all the spare nuts for some emergency or something).
They work on my Chrome Tech 20"s and Luxury 18"s.