: Jake Wiebe, The Clown Prince of Cadillacs

12-18-10, 07:37 PM

Now that I have picked up my car I feel the need to rebut what you have posted in these forums. Your post is linked below


Firstly, for those who are just reading Jakes post for the first time, there is a chance things may get taken out of context. Your comments give the impression that I am an irate customer demanding my car be returned immediately or I will go to the police. There is a back-story here that needs to be heard.

In the first week of October I called you regarding my head gasket problem. I was desperate, and you offered to repair it that weekend for $2500.00 cash. You mentioned you were short on money and needed it for your impending move to Manitoba. Having never spoken to you before, I was a little suspect of your reply. Your quick offer to repair it before moving and your reasons made me put off the repair. After reading up on your repair methods in the forum, it became apparent that seemed to be a well respected member of the Northstar community and I should have no reason to be wary.

Mid October I dropped the car off. I was a bit taken aback by the condition of your shop (your parent’s garage) but you assured me all was well and you were in the middle of a move and this was only temporary. I watched you work and spoke to you for about thirty minutes and began to feel really good about leaving my car with you. I remember mentioning to my wife that I thought I had finally found the right guy to look after my car and it was a shame he was moving so far away. At that time you quoted me a week and a half until the repair was complete. NEVER once did you mention there were 4 cars ahead of mine. 2 days later, I called you regarding the oil puddle in my driveway and asked you if this was in any way related to the existing problem. I jokingly asked if you were done yet, but I believe the joke went by unnoticed. You assured me the problem would be resolved with your repair.

The next week I called again to see if we were on track for pickup later that week. You told me you were back in Manitoba to “speak to your lawyer” and the repair would be delayed another week. I understood, as things come up unexpectedly and cannot be helped. Not until I hung up the phone did I wonder why you had to travel so far just to “speak” to a lawyer. Every lawyer in the world has a phone and fax line to conduct business. There isn’t much that can’t be done electronically these days. Does this lawyer work differently? I put the thought out of my head and decided to rent a car for the week. I had some travel for work and could not leave my wife without a vehicle for the length of time I would be gone.

In order to shorten this post, I will condense the following 1.5 months. I would call you at the beginning of each week to get an update on a pickup date…you would tell me you were behind and were working on getting to it in the next few days and it should only be another week. This went on for 6 weeks. I should also mention that many times you did not answer your phone at all and it would take repeated calls to finally get you on the line. You took down my number every time I spoke to you and assured me you would call me “sooner than later”. You never did. One time I did get you on the phone, you said you were driving back from the US with your bolts. I asked why you had to go pick them up yourself and you said you “could not rely on shipping companies to do this for you”. Isn’t that what they base their entire business model around? I put this off to quirkiness and informed my wife she would be without a vehicle again for another week.

Jumping to 2 weeks ago, I made my regular Monday morning call to you and I believe I got your mother on the line. She said you were on the road and would be back soon. I asked if you had just gone into town, she replied, “No, he has gone to Manitoba.” That was the last straw. I decided then and there to pull my car and get someone else to do the work. After repeatedly phoning your cell number I finally reached you and informed you of my decision. I told you at that time, I wished it could have gone differently, but circumstances with work and home have put me in need of a car immediately. You were very agreeable on the phone and seemed to understand. We agreed to release the car on the following weekend, Dec 11th. I called you on Saturday, several times, and there was no answer, so I waited and called on Sunday morning. Mysteriously, an answering machine picked up for the first time, and I left a message stating “Please call me, this is starting to get ridiculous.” A while later, you called me from Manitoba and with a very confrontational tone and informed me that you were “recording the call for future reference”. Why?? Were you expecting trouble? I informed you that I needed the car ASAP and you said you would be home Tuesday. At the end of our discussion, I said “You have till Tuesday.” You replied with “OR WHAT…What are you gonna do???!” I replied “I may have to go to the police and report the car stolen”. You then screamed into the phone “That’s why I am recording the call!!” and promptly hung up the phone. I was puzzled but proceeded to call you back. You picked up the phone and told me you were recording again then put the phone down and never picked it back up. I called back repeatedly and never got an answer. This was the last time we spoke.

That evening I received an email pointing me to the link in the forums (mentioned above)

How dare you! Trying to turn my misfortune into your gain! Who looks good after reading that? You do. You offer to have my car done by the 18th. Well it’s the 18th now and I have just picked my car up. You rescheduled twice for a pick up after I refused your offer. You also offer no warranty with the free fix….what kind of warranty would I have if I had paid? Would it take 2 months for you to honour it? I doubt you would honour it anyways.

Jake, your Stud System may be the greatest fix for the Northstar, but I will never know. The reason for that? You are involved in part of that System. You have no business sense what so ever. You seem to be skilled at writing in this forum, convincing everyone that you are the “be all, end all” of the Northstar world and how much of a sacrifice you are making for the Northstar community. Poor Jake, poor Jake, that is all I seem to read on this forum.

And to the rest of the forum… before you jump to Jakes defense, think about this. I am an onsite service technician…my car is the most important tool that I have, now I am inches away from getting fired from my job, my kids have missed out on almost half of their season of hockey, my wife’s home business has suffered greatly. I have called in every favour from everyone I know. All because Jake wasn’t honest with me from the start. I would have happily purchased a beater and used it for the last 2 months while waiting for him to finish. This entire situation would never have happened. He kept stringing me along, telling me next week…next week.

I am glad my misfortune has provided him with ideas for improving his business. But if he treats his next customers the same way I was treated, his new plan won’t be in play for too long. When I came to him, he should have had the sense to turn the job down and the balls to tell me no thanks. I came to him looking to get service, not a favour. Over the last few months, anyone who has asked how my car is doing could not believe it has taken so long. Today, you didn’t even have enough balls to come out and see me when I picked up the car…you left the car in your driveway and emailed me the location of the key. But I guess if I was in your shoes….I would be embarrassed too. No class Jake, no class.

Potential customers take warning…..

12-19-10, 12:35 PM
I have obligations to fill to my other customers who have been more understanding of the tight situation I have been in. The fact that you chose to threaten me, chose to take your vehicle back without repair (even when it was offered at NO COST provided you would hopefully make a donation to a worthy charity), was your decision.

I am under a lot of stress right now, I am going to miss spending Christmas with my family because I am back here to tie up loose ends and make good on my promises-

How much class does it take to make the offer I made you, after being threatened? I still have that audio tape recording and I have made 3 copies.

Furthermore, I can HONESTLY say that there's a few things in your post that are lies - I haven't even bothered to read it all because it's not worth my time.

Miserable people are often that way because they choose to be. The customers who I will have in the future are not going to suffer because of your stupidity so I will remain in business, and I will continue to give it my all and do my best. I said before scheduling was going to change so nobody has to wait more than a week -

Sorry to all other forum members.

12-19-10, 06:44 PM
My name is Charlie, in July of 2009 me and my dad trailered my 2000 Deville from nyc all the way up to jakes shop in Ontario to have the head gaskets and oil seals done. I have personally met jake and seen his work. I can tell you that from my own personal experience that Jake is one hell of a mechanic and one hell of a guy, the incident that occured must be some kind of miscommunication or misunderstanding between Jake and those folks from Alaska. I can assure you that Jake treated me and my dad with the utmost respect and that my car has never run better.. The day he promised the car to be ready was the day it was done.. Please give this man the benefit of the doubt, he is a hard working guy and i can assure you he is the best man to fix your Northstar.. If my headgaskets go again i will go the extra 1000+ miles he has moved to fix my car... Charlie

12-19-10, 07:54 PM
Charlie - thank you. You're a great guy. I will make a special exception to fix anything you need in Ontario- if you have a second Caddy that needs repair or a friend who needs this service, I can make available, currently, my dad's double-car garage.

The only reason I am currently working out of the two car garage that I started this business in, is because I had to sell my 4400 sq. ft. shop in Langton in order to finance the new one in Manitoba. I had to make a down payment so large I could have bought a new Cadillac in cash -

A man can have a 15,000 sq. ft., $2,000,000 workshop, but without the right tools, the experience, the necessary quality and care, the work isn't worth a damn. I have the right tools and I have the experience and the product to make these engines last - the type of facility I occupy to do this work is irrelevant. I'm not happy with the space I have right now, but I'm not going to rent an expensive shop to finish the few vehicles left on the list.

Low overhead allows for lower pricing, and faster business expansion.

Re-reading the original post I remember making that offer for $2500 done over the weekend - rdf123 called me and I remember he was desperate, and I had to make a quick trip to Manitoba so I did tell him, get it over here, I'll work night and day and I will get it done - and I didn't hear back from him - if that made him nervous, why would he even reconsider later -

Yes, lawyers have email and fax machines and everything else. Some matters have to be taken care of in person. That is my personal business and does not need to be disclosed - I have been here in Ontario as much as possible and as I said, I'm here until these four cars are back in the customers' hands. It would have been so easy for me to call them all up and say "hey, sorry, I moved. I can't help you. Take your car back home". But no - I have a job to do-

I had one vehicle brought to me, the man was also desperate to have his HG's replaced (this one will be a full rebuild) and I did tell him "I can't take any more cars in-" - the man offered me a $1,000 bonus - how can I say no to that? It doesn't mean I will take that full bonus - that's too much. That is the last vehicle being done here in Ontario until further notice.

When my 97 Eldorado blew its HG's I found a 97 Olds LSS for $1000 and I bought it. I drove it, replaced the mufflers, replaced one rocker panel and sold it for $2500 once I had my Eldo back on the road. I made a profit on that one.

I have not intentionally placed ANYONE on the back burner - my STS is totalled, my Eldorado is undergoing interior renovations, and my ETC needs HGs- I sold my two best Cadillacs and one beautiful Bonneville GXP a while ago to finance the business- I did not have ONE vehicle to drive for over a month, was borrowing my dad's DTS for a while. Instead of fixing my own cars I was working on customers' vehicles. I finally got tired of it and figured, if I don't have time for my own cars, I'll buy something new. So the 2010 Sierra was bought. No delays on customers' vehicles to fix my own.

Once again. To those customers who have waited so patiently, I sincerely apologize. In Manitoba, things will be done differently and nobody will be waiting more than a week. On top of this; I plan to have a loaner/rental available for people who rely on their vehicles as daily transportation.

rdf123, balls has nothing to do with it. I have balls of steel, and a low tolerance for B.S. I'm afraid of what I may have said to you had I been out there; probably something below my standards. The man who hit my dog with his Hyundai then came back 10 minutes later to b1tch at me for having my dog loose in the country (he called me a mutherf*cking c*cksucking something-or-other), found out very quickly what happens when I lose my temper and tolerance. I am not weak and I'm not a pushover. Most people will never see me lose my temper, ever. But this guy hit Bandit, drove off, then came back and asked me if I scraped my dead dog off the road 10 minutes later when he realized there was damage. Then mouthed off at me before I could even offer to fix his car.

I sometimes contemplate how much easier and happier my life would be without Northstar Performance. Every time I think about selling the company, the tools, the website, the reputation, the intellectual property (patents, patent applications, trade marks), the cars, the parts collection, the equipment, I also think about how a few people would love to see me fail and fall flat on my face.

I quote Will Smith: "I took the insults fed 'em to my ego, used it for fuel".

I guess I do wind up with a few enemies, but I also make new friends- Jamie from Detroit is a customer and a new friend. He has one of the most beautiful 97 Concours out there- I did the engine work, he had a shop in Detroit do the body. I hope he posts pictures on the forum someday. Charlie you need to post pics of yours, you have a gorgeous 2000 Deville, and the grille and '09 rims really sets it off

If I am on the forums during my breaks, or after work hours (if that really exists), answering questions, defending myself, or posting anything that is irrelevant, that is my business! I do not need to account to customers for every minute of my day. I do ALL that I can. I hope that some of my posts have helped others with their Cadillac related problems.

12-19-10, 07:58 PM
Speaking of friends, Postman2000 (Charlie) as far as I'm concerned, like it or not buddy you're stuck with me as a friend - :)

12-19-10, 09:19 PM
Jake I consider you a friend too, a friend to me and a friend to my Cadillac.. I know I can't speak for everyone on this forum, but I think my experience dealing with you reflects atleast 98% of other forum members experiences.. If it were not for you I would have dumped my cadillac..I was not liking what I was reading regarding the caddy dealers fix for the stripped out head bolt threads.. Also Martin cadillac in New Jersey quoted me $4000+ to repair just the head gaskets (using time serts) that price did not include the case half resealing.. But the real deal breaker for me was the warranty...6 months or 6,000 miles...If they were confident that their repair would last.. why such a crappy warranty.. You repaired my car for half of that and me gave me a warranty that was measured in years not months..also no mileage stipulations.. I was not going for the timesert crap..You see how well I cared for my car, I did'nt want a band aid fix..I researched this to death and your method is the only one that makes absolute sense.. Jake I hope to see you again soon.. even if it is to take my next caddy off of life support..lol.. Take care my friend...Charlie

12-19-10, 09:47 PM
Thanks buddy - (warranty is 5 years/100,000 miles so there is a mileage limit) and I want to stay in this business until the last Northstar powered car is crushed - but believe me should my business ever be sold, I will make sure there's a clause in the sale contract that all of my customers need to be taken care of should a warranty issue arise.

If I didn't have absolute faith in my repair work and method/products, I would never throw that type of warranty in for $2200. That warranty is unmatched. And before anyone has the nerve to ask if I'll ever live up to warranty work; I did replace a cylinder head at no charge under warranty, I did a bottom end re-seal under warranty, I had a customer run an engine dry and I shipped a second at half price, and a couple of other minor issues that I felt were my responsibility to fix, even though it wasn't stated in the warranty card- I know I'll bite the bullet here and there and have to do some warranty work sometimes. I strive for 100% success on everything - but the nature of the business- sometimes things go wrong. Minimize chances of failure at all costs, and take care of the failures that do occur. I'm still at a 99% success rate with HG work-

What does it take to build a successful business?

-quality product
-great price
-high demand
-patents & such do help a lot
-great customer service

Now great customer service, I realize I need to work on. I need a receptionist. Badly. When I have the Ontario cars taken care of, that's the next step. More stock, quicker turn around time. I am not the best, nor do I claim to be, nor will I ever be- but that's where you have to think "what are the weak points, where can we improve, how can we make things better" and continually improve all aspects of the business. "How can we make the process easier for customers, how can we ensure their satisfaction. How can we get these high quality parts at lower prices. How can we reduce waste. How can we increase speed without compromising quality". It's a continuous pursuit of refinement and perfection.

My plans for the new office in Manitoba - a waiting area with plush leather seating and a big screen tv, coffee on at all times and refreshments available. I don't mind investing some money there. A professional atmosphere. It's all coming- it's a matter of time and money. Other things are a higher priority. Would I spend money on a new waiting area for customers, when I need to spend that money to finalize a patent that will ensure I'll be in business for years to come? No.

One step at a time. I've come a long way from the first set of studs installed. Now that system is made available to anyone around the world. Star Limos in France has a beautiful black DTS limo that now has a studded Northstar - www.starlimos.fr

I have a job to do, that's to help as many Cadillac owners as I can. One step at a time.

12-19-10, 10:31 PM
My mistake Jake...100,000 miles... Thats much better than 6,000.. No comparison..

12-19-10, 11:11 PM
No sweat Charlie! :thumbsup: -

As for the title of this thread, the O.P. is partially correct -

1. My name is Jake Wiebe- correct.
2. According to friends, I can be a real funny guy to hang out with especially when I've had a few beers. I'm great with kids, so clown may not be far off.
3. I am not a prince, there is no royalty in my family. That's ok, royalty is overrated.
4. I do love Cadillacs.

So the title really isn't far off. Thank you sir :)

By the way if anyone wants to laugh, look up Jeff Dunham and Marriage - was listening to Blue Collar Comedy on the way to Ontario. That is some funny shit....

12-19-10, 11:14 PM
This is what I mean:


12-19-10, 11:21 PM
This is actually the one I meant:

XM is worth it just for ch.148 alone :)

12-20-10, 12:19 AM
jake i bow to you the Royal Crown Prince of Caddys i bow to you the Crown Prince of all those North Stars

oh shoot never mind your septer is made of a stud ok never mind your jsut the king of lacks giggles

sorrry had to have a little fun there
i cant belive this guy but we all havce the right to post what we want but from it i take it that he did not take any money to give to charity so
well he will get his one day im sure

yoo who evedr you are you might have got a warranty from jake if you decided to give to charity im sure he prob alby would have offered a warranty but if you did not give anything to anyone to help why get a warranty you know you go to a transmision shop from what i have learned atleast from eveyr shop in Ohio and Mi that i have been to for transmisions is you pay for the repaire and then you can buy the warranty aprt from that or soemthing like that
well im sure that if you paid for your repair jake would have given yo ua warranty but he did your engine head gaskets and welleven if it didnt work your no woastt of that you wher ebefore ok im like going on 4 days no sleep you can tell my spelling is worst then usualy lol

12-20-10, 12:10 PM
Again, I will say your advice and services were priceless to me. Sometimes its hard to make everyone happy. That's life and part of owning a business. I will say you never let me down, so I hope things are going well with your move Jake. Merry Christmas and thank you for not giving up!! =)

12-20-10, 12:36 PM
Thanks Micah - I'll be glad once the move is completely done, I can begin to focus 98% of my attention on the business and work once again. I have more news about OEM replacement parts, but that will get released a bit later.

Merry Christmas Micah, and Pup, and Postman! And a happy New Year as well!

2% of my attention will always be focused on other things in life, business is one thing- family, the opposite gender, and fun are a very necessary thing too! My dog apparently really misses me when I'm always either working or on the road, he will come up to me with a toy in his mouth and drop it in front of me. I'll have to start making a bit of time for him in the evenings. Man's best friend :)

12-20-10, 06:20 PM
The OP of this thread and Jake had a bad experience dealing with each other...for whatever reason, things didn't work out between them - that doesn't mean either of them is unreasonable or incompetent or a bad person - it just means that in ONE instance, Jake was not able to meet the expectations of ONE person. Nobody can be all things to all people all the time - that ability doesn't exist on this Earth, so let's all try to get into the Christmas spirit and put all of this acrimony behind us.

12-20-10, 10:43 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all forum members.. Eat drink and be safe..

12-21-10, 12:18 AM
Well put Tateos, I agree completely.

12-21-10, 09:03 AM
Sniffle..............! Gotta go put the wreath on the grille...........

12-21-10, 10:28 AM
Nice Sub, nice.

Jake, just from purchasing your kit and the conversations ive had with you on the phone thus far, i appreciate what you do for Cadillac owners and are a stand up guy

12-21-10, 03:54 PM
Nice backyard Sub!

12-21-10, 04:01 PM
Jake, I think I'm a good judge of character and I've had a chance to talk to you on the phone 2 years ago. I believe you are an honest guy. Thanks for the studs, the advice, and keep the business rolling!

12-21-10, 05:58 PM
Nice backyard Sub!

Actually, that's part of the front. Go up in the top light blue bar and click ALBUMS. Mine is close to the front page - the red STS

12-21-10, 07:04 PM
Very,very nice Sub - it looks so lush! I'm used to the Phoenix desert now, which I DO love, but the pics of your yard look spectacular!

Merry Christmas to all!

12-22-10, 11:22 AM
Yup, I must agree. Nice yard :) :thumbsup:

I take it you don't have to go far for a Christmas tree ;)

12-22-10, 03:26 PM
god dammit sub every time i see yours i almost cry.... it looks almost identical to the one i just exploded.....

12-23-10, 12:40 PM
Sub, nice home. What was your rating in the Navy? Looks like you spent a lot of time in boomers but if I am not mistaken the Skipjack was a hunter killer sub wasn't it? Cool. I was in the Air Force during Vietnam, special electronics technician.

Like your boat and the STS is impeccable. You build beautiful engines as well. Do you ever go lobstering or is the boat just for pleasure?

12-23-10, 02:36 PM
Sub, nice home. What was your rating in the Navy? Looks like you spent a lot of time in boomers but if I am not mistaken the Skipjack was a hunter killer sub wasn't it? Cool. I was in the Air Force during Vietnam, special electronics technician.

Like your boat and the STS is impeccable. You build beautiful engines as well. Do you ever go lobstering or is the boat just for pleasure?


Continuing threadjack...

I started off in '58 in diesel boats - USS HARDHEAD (SS365) and then USS PIPER (SS409), then to USS SKIPJACK (SSN585) in '62 (was then the fastest submarine in the world - "in excess of 40 knots"), then to new construction in USS NATHANAEL GREENE (SSBN636G), COMSUBFLOT 8 (staff duty) in Naples, Italy, shore duty, then to USS SAM HOUSTON (SSBN609) (overhaul), then to USS JAMES K POLK (SSBN645G)(COB) then to the Naval Academy as Command Master Chief. During the entire career I was a navigation, intelligence, torpedo guidance control and submerged ship control specialist (Quartermaster) as well as a certified free gas diver to 300 feet (SCUBA).

SKIPJACK could leave New London, CT, submerge, run to the Mediterranean Sea, operate in support of the Sixth Fleet for more than two weeks and return to New London, never surfacing, in less than 30 days. We spent a LOT of time following other submarines here and there..............interesting work, to say the least. One time, somewhere in the North Atlantic, we hooked a longline fish rig. Metal cable. Me and another guy locked out the escape trunk in double 71 cu/ft rigs and cut it off the screw - an hour and a half of cold water agony. Got a Navy Commendation medal for that trick.......but submarines mostly operated under the "Where did you go ???" "Out"....."What did you do?"......."Nothin' ".

Diesel boat ??? If you want to spend an interesting hour, click on this site, scroll down the page and take the virtual tour of USS PAMPANITO - your mouse controls where you're looking in any compartment. At the bottom of each page is the link to the next compartment. I bunked in the after torpedo room, up in the bunk just left of the escape trunk skirt. Understand that this boat is maintained by volunteer subvets. It was all fun, guys. Never worked a day of the 24.5 years..............


Our 1969 Bloodsworth baybuilt deadrise is used for fishin', crabbin', beerin', and some curious fun-in-the-sun weekends.

12-23-10, 09:35 PM
Well I think this is a better direction for this thread than bashing Jake. You had a fascinating career, ever consider writing a book?

12-23-10, 09:54 PM
Well I think this is a better direction for this thread than bashing Jake. You had a fascinating career, ever consider writing a book?

I was stationed in and live very near Annapolis, MD. Quite a crossroads of Navy lore. Spent a bit of time in gin mills and told many sea stories to and with Tom Clancy. .....remember, any good sea story always begins with "Now, this is no shit.............." dkoz and c66racing and LS1Mikeare other "been there, done that" veterans. With great respect and admiration.

EDIT: For those who didn't, go back in time and read (not watch) "The Hunt For Red October". Although dramatized and glamorized, the book illustrates that there are young men and women out there, right now, insuring our freedom to bitch without reprisal. Try that in anywhere other than the United States of America.

12-23-10, 10:15 PM
Its funny that when someone speaks up they try to crush him. Its the second time this month a member has had a bad experance with him and all i here is how caring he is. Funny

12-23-10, 10:32 PM
Its funny that when someone speaks up they try to crush him. Its the second time this month a member has had a bad experance with him and all i here is how caring he is. Funny

Not so.........In every business endeavor there will be triumphs and failures - fortunately for Jake the triumphs far outweigh the failures. As a regular CF contributor I cannot speak for other forums or blogs, but in here Jake is currently known and respected as being an honest man. That, in itself, speaks volumes. You have a bad experience, you post it; I have a good experience, I post it. Fair enough ?

Ummmmm............would you like to address GM itself on their mistakes?........and when you do, please post your findings.

12-23-10, 10:32 PM

You have just joined this site and if you go back you would realize just why everyone has such affection and respect for Jake. He is a young guy with big goals and occasionally bites off more than he can chew but he is learning. He freely assists people here whether they are customers or not. I have had to change my plans because he gets backlogged but I don't choose to punish a young man that is motivated to do great things. He is learning to set limits and I am confident that he will go on to ever greater success because he cares and he is motivated. How many 22 year olds do you know that have people old enough to be their grandparents coming to them for advice? He isn't perfect but he is sincere and working himself to an early grave to keep his word. Once he figures out what he can and can't do and not over commit everything will smooth out.

No, we don't think Jake walks on water, we know he makes mistakes just like the rest of us but we have all been helped in one way or another by him.


12-23-10, 10:48 PM
I get what your saying the problem lays with the facts . Im not going to bash anyone I read some of these postings and im shocked. Just want him to be honest with what he posts. Ive been in business for 17 years in know whats its like . If you say your honest then speak the truth all the time not some of the time. Don't twist it or be defensive.

12-23-10, 10:58 PM
Fair enough, I will comment that I have never felt that Jake was anything less than honest but I agree he was getting defensive. Please keep in mind the stresses he is under. You have been in business for 17 years and have presumably made mistakes and grown in that time. He was 5 years old 17 years ago and it will take time for him to learn those same lessons but in my opinion the world would be much better off if we had a lot more 22 year olds like Jake.

By the way, welcome to the forums. We don't want to discourage anyone's participation.


12-23-10, 11:22 PM
And what club would that be? Am I to understand that you are a direct competitor of Jake's and are just now revealing it? If you are a competitor, fine, but I see your previous comments in a much different light as there is an obvious conflict of interest. The negative posts recently about Jake seem to have an ulterior motive.

12-23-10, 11:27 PM
Its the second time this month a member has had a bad experance with him and all i here is how caring he is.

Ive been in business for 17 years in know whats its like .
Are you saying that in 17 years you have not had 2 unhappy customers?

our company has perfected this repair for GMPP extended warranty in Canada.
Tell us more. What else is there other than inserts or studs? How do YOU do the repair? Curious minds want to know.

12-24-10, 12:14 AM
Cadillacexperts, in the spirit of openess, why don't you tell us a little about yourself and your repair, but not an advertisement please. If you are going to continue to criticize Jake I think you should be as open as he is.

12-24-10, 02:25 AM
Wow, Cadillacexpert's repair "has been proven since 1997."

"Never felt a need to join such a club."

Are you saying since 1997 you have had a proven repair and didn't wish to "share" that with the Northstar community as a whole? You don't think you business could prosper from the sharing of this knowledge with the vast majority of us that come here to these forums looking for solutions to this factory flaw?

"Customers have made me aware of this site." Interesting that "your" customers have made you "aware" of this site. They must be doing some "comparison" shopping. Maybe comparing "your" repair solution to Jake's.

Nonetheless, Jake has "shared" his experience/repair solution for this on going problem with this particular motor. He has put in the time and the labor to come up with a solution that makes logical sense to use at this present time.

His solution has "saved" a vast majority of cars that the owners were probably ready to give up on, and given them new hope without them failing again thus far. He's even given me a reason to fix the car that I have when someone else gave up on her (lucky for me/ too bad for them).

I can't see Jake failing at this present moment. Yes, he's human. He will make some errors along the way, we all do. Yet, the most important thing that I see that he did, was that he genuinely cared enough to come up with something to fix these cars and "shared" it with some people. It has now taken off.

I always felt word of mouth was the best advertising. Well, it's good to see that is still true.

I only wish him continued success. When you truly love what you're doing and passionate about it success will eventually come.

You've put too much into it to fail.

Failure isn't an option at this point.........

12-24-10, 08:59 AM
who wouldnt get defensive? This is the internet, it only takes one bad apple to destroy an entire life worth of work.

12-24-10, 09:25 AM
FWIW, Go back through this thread and do some writing style comparisons among posts, checking grammar and looking at acronym use.

I smell a rat. Too many similarities to another engine thread and the use of studs/inserts/procedures, long-time secret businesses and the promise of "a better mousetrap".

12-24-10, 10:41 AM
I haven't been on here in a few days. I've been working pretty steady in the shop and on top of that I had a coffee date with one of the most incredibly gorgeous girls I've ever met. We're both very interested in horsepower, although she's interested in "horse" power :). I'm kind of interested in seeing where this will go and depending, I may be more in Ontario than in Manitoba.

The stud repair system is the best, and will remain the best repair possible. I am very confident in that. I've even had a cousin of the former U.S. Presidential Candidate & State Senator come to me for the repair on his Deville. Canadian government representatives as well as policemen from Ontario and the surrounding states. They come to me for the best repair.

Furthermore, if GMPP used this repair, it would have made it into the GM Service Information archives as a new Tech/Service Bulletin. Some dealerships may choose your repair, that's fine- but until I see a GM Service Bulletin regarding these new extended length inserts of yours, that's a bunch of B.S. I am working hard to get GM to fully adopt my method in both Canada and the USA- I have numerous dealerships 100% convinced already and they say there's no way they're going back to any form of insert.

I try to be truthful and honest and caring- but there is one more thing I am and that is competitive. The more someone tries to force me out of business or put a dent in my business, the more I'll push in the opposite direction. I don't force people to use my product or service- it is their decision if they come to me. I do my best for them.

I'm not mocking Norm too much because I know, just like myself, he's earning a living doing what he loves. He's said some things about my system I didn't like, but I think that goes both ways. Norm does provide a valuable product, an insert that can be installed while the engine is in the car (although it is more difficult than to simply remove the engine and do everything right).

Cadillacexperts - tread carefully. You're in business just like I am. There's enough Northstars around for everyone to have work but the more I get pushed the more I push back. Don't insult me, don't try to crush me, I'll leave you alone. Push me hard enough you'll have a new neighbor installing studs. Toronto has more Cadillacs on one block than you can count on 8 fingers and two thumbs. Continue doing what you're good at and I'll do the same. There is simply no need to sling mud, but I am not afraid nor worried if it begins. Competition is good for business, it's healthy, but it should not get out of hand.

Merry Christmas to all - I'll be in the shop most of today, phones will go unanswered (it is Christmas Eve).

12-24-10, 12:09 PM
FWIW, Go back through this thread and do some writing style comparisons among posts, checking grammar and looking at acronym use.

I smell a rat. Too many similarities to another engine thread and the use of studs/inserts/procedures, long-time secret businesses and the promise of "a better mousetrap".
That seems to be the general consensus.

12-24-10, 05:59 PM
It's 5:50 EST - I notice that cadillacexperts is currently watching this site and thread activity.

It might be worthwhile to go to their website and surf around.

My take is that, if they're legitimate and have a viable product, they become site Vendors and enter the marketplace at the same level as our other businesses and dealers. Competition drives progress.

12-24-10, 09:57 PM
Cadillacexperts silence is deafening and yet speak volumes. Does not do much for his credibility either.

12-24-10, 10:23 PM
Cadillacexperts' website makes plenty of claims but is vague on details and never says what its magic bullet is. One of their pictures looks like they are using allthread for head studs. Gotta wonder just how wonderful their fix can be if the only explanation and information offered is testimonials and claims of wonderment. Speaking of testimonials, they claim over 600 engines done and yet only have 3 or 4 testimonials. Sounds suspicious, some vague claims of being a great alternative for Northstars with no definitive statement of how. Not the kind of business I would have do anything for me. I am also leary of the mud slinging he is doing. Jake is very open, what you see is what you get. He tells you anything you want to know about his products and services.

12-25-10, 03:39 PM
Ponyboyt - few more days my friend. Few more days.

12-26-10, 03:27 PM
Hey folks I just want to let you know that I picked up my '99 Deville from Jake a few days ago and it runs great. Idles at 208 degrees F and is at about 197F on the freeway. I can spin the tires like a madman too. Jake's customer service mentality and practice is outstanding and I would have no problem working with him again in the future. He is definitely a busy man by the looks of it and is working hard to finish the cars left at this Ontario facility. The wait time for the repair was never an issue as it had already been sitting in my driveway for almost two years waiting for a solution. I'm glad to have my car back on the road without a $4500 bill from my local Cadillac dealer AND without having crappy service. Jake found several bolts missing from prior dealer repairs and replaced them.

12-26-10, 06:31 PM
Ponyboyt - few more days my friend. Few more days.

I am extatic :)

My moms olds with no heated seats, screwed EGR valve (gutless car) is very depressing to drive :( I have my snows ready to put on :)

03-15-12, 08:56 PM
for every one u guys that think jake is so great. there is probaly ten guys he did not deliver for he has really let me down. i ordered my stud kit late november after reading sub49ers comments. i paid for my stud kit december 12th its march 15 i still have nothing. He has proved very disapointing to me and poor poor poor JAKE BS poor customers that go to his website i know plenty machinist n houston that could easily make these stud. hell i may go n the stud bizz. and so all he has done is lied to me. and as far as i now have of u r his budds or even him under different screen names he really is running a very poor BS operation.

03-15-12, 10:21 PM
dwillv, I can appreciate your frustration with poor service and business practice, but I am not shilling for, sticking up for, or plugging Jake or Northstar Performance in any way. Yes, I am acquainted with him due to mutual interest in engines, past good service and parts delivery. That was the basis for my recommendation in the past.

I post this in open Forum: DO NOT EVER accuse me or any other Cadillac Forums member of misrepresentation of self or business. We can all stand on our own two feet, thank you very much, and I daresay that I am not alone in taking distinct and pointed offense at your allegation.

If you have a problem with a CF vendor (or member), contact an Administrator with your specifics. Innuendo and veiled accusations have no place in a mature discussion.

03-15-12, 10:52 PM
i just want my parts and i will never b on here to post anything ever again.

03-15-12, 10:59 PM

03-15-12, 11:01 PM
i just want my parts and i will never b on here to post anything ever again.

If you want to act like a spoiled brat, then don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave................