: f235/45 r245/45 Will it cause issues

12-18-10, 11:21 AM
Trying to get snow tires for the V I have a set of the LM22 Blizz and I need to replace 2 of them. The 245/45 size is hard to find affordable. I have found 2 235/45 and was wondering if I run the 2 different sizes will that cause any issues for the ABS or the Stabilitrac? I have used the search but can not find the specific answer I'm looking for. I know that on my SY if you go to far out around it wont work.

The difference between the 2 is the revs/mile 245's are 756 with the radius being 13.3, while the 235's are 766 with a radius of 13.2.

I personally don't see an issue, with the radius being of by .1 I just want to make sure.

What kinda problems if any will there be.

Thanks for the replies and Happy Holidays!!!

12-18-10, 11:42 AM
I've never done it, but that seems like a pretty small difference in revs/mile. You could also run them on the high end of acceptable pressure, and the 245's on the lower end to help even the diameters out when loaded.

Personally I'd probably suck it up though and pay a little extra. Otherwise, at some point your 245's will wear out while the newer 235's are still good, and you'll be faced with a similar dilemma to buy a matching size, or the "proper" size.

12-18-10, 09:54 PM
You are at 1.3% fast and I read somewhere that 3% was the cutoff point.
Should work.
Dunlop makes the snow tires that are exact size.