: how rare are astro roof cadillac's from 1985 ?

12-18-10, 03:51 AM
i own an 1985 sedan de'ville fleetwood brougham triple dark blue all original with every option except wire wheel's and leather how many were made with a factory astro roof in 85 ?
also would love to know the coupe production number with the factory astro roof with triple dark blue with out leather interior.

reason i ask is because i want to know how rare my sedan is even tho Lillian will never be for sale my grandpa bought her brand new and i recived her in 2001 when he died .
he told me on his death bed take good care of her and check the oil from time to time then he handed me the title and keys i was 15 almost 16 he died the next morning .

and i want the coupe numbers because Lillian needs a friend she gets mighty lonely sitting in the drive all alone .
thanks guys

p.s Lillian was my grandma's middle name i never knew it before she died the next year and as i was walking to my car one day i looked at the front end and it hit me to call her Lillian .

12-18-10, 04:06 AM
this is the only pick i could find for a 85 coupe with a astro roof


12-18-10, 06:06 PM
The astro roof option is kind of rare in the 80's Broughams. Sorry don't have numbers, though.

Good luck finding a clean 2 door Brougham, those are hard to come by.

Good luck.

12-18-10, 10:22 PM
What do you have? The Sedan de Ville is a completely different model than the Fleetwood Brougham.

12-19-10, 01:12 PM
Is your car front wheel drive ?, what size engine, I'm asking because in 85 there are 3 distinct models, a deville, a fleetwood and a fleetwood brougham.
No such model as a deville fleetwood brougham.

12-19-10, 06:29 PM
its the big body rear wheel drive and it says fleetwood on the side of the vinyl roof
on the inside door panels it says brougham and on the dash it says de'ellagance and lastley on the trunk it says sedan de'vile .strange i know i do know none of this has been changed because i was one year old when he bought the car and i know every bit of history.
it has the ht 4100 engine in it now building a cad 500 for it .

cadillac kevin
12-19-10, 09:40 PM
I'd say some badge swapping has been done on that car (or the trunk was replaced with one in the same paint scheme from a deville)

12-20-10, 10:06 AM
Any sedan deVille that would have a compatible trunk lid for your Brougham d'Elegance would not have said "Sedan deville" on the trunk, only on the quarter panel or c-pillar. Sounds like a stuck-on SDV badge.