View Full Version : Adding a backup camera to factory Nav in a 2010 DTS

12-18-10, 12:41 AM
Hi. Though I don't own a Caddy, my father just upgraded from a 99 STS to a 2010 DTS. Though I don't know the specifics of what model he got (I haven't even seen it yet), he was asking me about the possibility of adding a backup camera that would display on the factory in-dash navigation screen.

I have been searching the web and this forum in particular and have come up completely short of NULL on the subject, so I thought I would post up here to see if anyone can provide some insight on the subject.

So the question is, is something like this at all possible, and if so, what are the options? Between my brother and myself, we are both capable of handling the installation if we can find the right approach, and neither of us are too afraid of doing something custom if the situation calls for it, so I am open for any possible solutions.

As noted, I don't know many details about the car itself at this point, but if something in particular is needed to be known to really answer this, I can consult with my father to get the answers.

Hope someone can help. TYIA!

12-21-10, 11:27 PM
I can't guarantee results, but you can start by asking the good folks at Crutchfield. They might have something.

12-22-10, 09:44 PM
you can it is very expensive to add to the Factory nav the unit has to be sent to nav tv for an internal mod retail is around $1000 for everything but on a 2010 in warranty wouldnt really know if you want to go that route