: 01 Catera Misfire cyl 1, 3, 4, And 6 PLEASE HELP ME

Jamie Milheiser
12-17-10, 11:12 PM
Ok so I have an 01 Catera. It is missfiring when it gets warm. Idols great. Temp is fine, just missfires and doesnt let me get any power.
Here is what I have fixed:
Cats Replaced,
Coil packs new,
maf sensor new,
new water pump,
tps new,
o2 sensors new,
New crankshaft position sensor,

Put code reader on, checks out fine till im going down the road then bam missfire.

It leaks coolant on back of motor both sides. intake gasket? heater valve? But would that cause the missfire?
Btw, Spark oplug wells are fine, dry as can be
ANY INSITE??? I am going nuts. It has 88000 miles on it. bought it a year ago, ran great till recently
Thanks Jamie

12-18-10, 11:11 PM
did you have the timing belt inspected? a sliping timing belt can cause misfires.
My 0o catera is havinga misfire issue. I so far have replced both cats, one o2 sensor, all plugs and driver side coil, fuel filter.
Since the last CEL came on i have not had it back for a diog. i had the waterpump and timing belt and tentioners replaced 300 miles ago. My belt was not slipping, but was very cracked. 128K

12-19-10, 01:48 PM
water could be leaking from any were back there, crossover, coolant lines runing in the intake from back to front, or head gasket but they dont normaly go both at same time unless driving condition,
my 98 head gasket was a bit tricky to diognose, but would misfire under load,
at 80,000miles i would start at timing belt