: Older Caddy Forums

09-22-04, 09:19 PM
Does anyone know of any forums like this for older caddys ? 70 and back . 50's and 60's

09-22-04, 10:18 PM
yeah just go back up to the RWD 19XX-1985 Deville and Fleetwood, Fleetwood 1985-1996 section up above in the past vehicle discussion.

09-23-04, 09:14 PM
Thanks I've checked that out , theres not much older caddy discussion going on there.

09-24-04, 12:45 AM
Start some then. If you post it they will reply

09-24-04, 03:48 AM
Just talk to us. We dont have much in there yet on the oldies, so bring in some goodies. (Yes, 3:45 am, and I'm up. Sad eh?)

09-24-04, 03:11 PM
Were here. Not too much to talk about though, they just keep on floatin down the road.... :cool: Poke around in the 500/472 section too, a bunch of classic discussion in there as well.

09-25-04, 11:12 AM
as was previously stated, try posting some questions, i suspect you'll be surprised how many people have knowledge and interest in the older cars but just dont post much