View Full Version : Mirrors switch position everytime I..

12-17-10, 01:50 AM
Everytime I shut off my car and lock the doors the mirrors reset and face all the down. How do I set up my driver settings so they will stay put? :suspense:

12-17-10, 09:54 AM
Have you programmed "driver 1" to have the mirrors, seats, radio ... where you want them? Once you get them where you want them, push and hold the #1 button on the door until it beeps twice. If you have two remotes, make sure you program them in order. If you've already tried this, I apologize. You also may want to go through your setup on the steering wheel and turn off the reverse assist setting.

Gale Hawkins
12-22-10, 05:41 PM
I agree. Before I turned the 2003 over to the wife I had both clickers and was upset because it would change programs on me until the kids pointed out there was clicker #1 and clicker #2 and I was mixing them up. :)