: trans, diffs, transfer, and engine oil change from dealer?

12-17-10, 12:11 AM
I have a 2004 Escalade AWD and have never changed the diffs or trans fluid yet. I am only a few hundred miles away from 80,000 and called a couple of dealers for prices to get all this done. I also decided to change my engine oil to synthetic since im changing everything else. Sooo the dealer gave me a price of $450.00 for trans, diffs, transfer case all synthetic fluids and $70.00 for synthetic engine oil. $520.00 total, what do you guys think? is this a ridiculous price?

Ghost Deany
12-17-10, 12:41 AM
You could do all that yourself for more then half the cost.

Ghost Deany
12-18-10, 08:23 PM
less then half the cost i meant sorry i was half asleep. theres threads on here that will explain and show you how to do those fluid changes if you dont mind getting your hands dirty. its pretty easy.

12-21-10, 06:33 PM
You will save money by going to a mechanic other than the dealership. I got the diffs, trans, & brake fluids replaced for $300.00 just last month. Even if you throw in an oil change with synthetic oil, that would be around $350-370...not bad. I wanted to do everything myself but not worth it in this cold weather here in Chicago.

12-22-10, 11:48 PM
We just took our 06 in and had all the the oils changed and it was right around $450...