: Duh, Float Charger!

12-16-10, 10:21 AM
Well, as the saga of me learning continues, I put "Betty" up for the winter again. She just hit 30k miles, got her new tires (Condi DWS ...love them) and away she went to hybernate and hide from the perils of winter in Snow Land...but alas, just like last year, when I went to start her roll her and run the AC, dead. I trickle charged it, ran it awhile....another week later dead. I know the stock battery is awful, so I was about to buy a new one when the battery store man said to try a float charger because the battery may well be fine, it's the unending draw of the mighty cool toys that is the culpirt !
So, she is doing fine, starts up and can't wait for spring like me....and the thing was only $20. Nice!
For all of you who knew this, nevermind...but to me it was really great info and I don't know how I didn't know....so wanted to share. Someday I'll know it all, but for now I just am happy to keep learning!!!

12-16-10, 11:51 AM
Name of product and where you can purchase it. Maybe a link?

12-16-10, 12:31 PM
Never mind. I just googled float charger ... there must be a bazillion of them out there. I'd never heard the term "float charger" before.

12-17-10, 08:44 AM
this one is a black and decker, it's "smarter" than a conventional trickle charger that doesn't know when to stop...this just minds it all on it's own, turning on and off as the battery needs and can be used for all our other motorized toys too! I like it!

12-17-10, 10:56 PM
If you're not going to go drive 'her' for a couple hours, I'd suggest you just pull the battery and keep it warm and charged. A short 'warm-up' loads an exhaust system and oil pan with moisture.

12-18-10, 11:23 AM
Here ya go, I've used these little things for years now, on the ATV's, the travel trailer with two batteries, on my 03 Yukon, 72 Jimmy and the 08 STS and have never had a problem with them and they work great. I got several of them when they were on sale for $7.99, no reason to pay a pot load of money for something else that does the same job.

If that mile long URL doesn't connect just Google Automatic Battery Float charger, it's sold by Harbor Freight Tools.
Item # 42292 Manufacturer: Chicago Electric Power Systems

Edited to add, read the instructions, this is not a battery charger, the battery must be fully charged first for it to maintain that charge.