: need some help guys

12-16-10, 01:25 AM
i own a 85 fleetwood im the second owner she is giving me a fit
she sputters and dies when she gets warmed up or drive on the high way
i have the 4.1 v8 in her .
the car dies when i turn on the head lights it started to do that in 01 when i replaced the factory radio and touched the hot wire to the climent control panel which don't work since then
i have replaced the following
fuel pump in tank
fuel lines and filter
plugs and wires due again
and battery what gives ? also could it be a bad ecm a cady dealer said mine was shot were can i buy a new one

parts i need asap
rear wheel trim for drivers side around the wheel well and to the tail light
clinment control box mounts under radio
og radio and trim panel for radio in dk blue
clear thing that goes under steering wheel to make horn work

12-16-10, 08:44 AM
I would look into fixing the problem you created when you touched that hot wire.

If it dies when you turn on the headlights...it may be electrical somewhere.

12-16-10, 09:30 AM
Yea, I say unplug the radio and see if the problem remains.

12-16-10, 09:59 AM
also, try throwing the 4100 engine in the trash and putting a better engine in. ;) just playing.

cadillac kevin
12-16-10, 10:37 AM
I'd start with the climate control issue ( check fuse first, then checking your radio connections/ disconnecting radio/ putting in the factory radio again.)
for your climate control, did you check the fuse? a blown fuse will result in it either not working at all, or it going full blast both heat and cold (personal experience when I grounded out the radio hot on the top of the c.c. box) your fuse for climate control is a 20 amp on the left side of the main fuse box if memory serves me correctly (far left side under dash) its tucked up in there pretty good, so you will have to contort around to get up in there.ing)
Radio, just cap the power wires (orange for main power, yellow for ignition on mine) or if you havce an adapter hooked into the stock radio harness, just disconnect the adapter from the harness (not while car is on, or you can blow a fuse if the contacts touch anything)
as for radio and cover plate and ECM, try a local pull it yourself yard. If you dont know where one is, get a yellow pages and look up the local salvage yards. it might take several calls to find one with a car. dont bother asking for a specificpart. they always say "yup, we got it" even if they dont.
the ECM is located under the passengers side dash. it is covered by a black plastic cover on the underside of the dash which is held on with hex bolts. its a shiny silver box with a bunch of wires coming out of it. you need one specifically for a HT4100 from a rwd cadillac. its not that hard to swap one out. unplug the harnesses , remove the box, put new box in, replug in wires. not sure of junkyard price, but shouldnt be too bad. I got one for another car. think it cost me $10 or $15 at most.
if you change the climate control fuse and the unit is still on the fritz, you can get one from a local junkyard (I've never heard of one going bad though.) to get to it, remove the panel around the radio (1 visible screw on each side, one in the top center of each vent (use a normal phillips screwdriver)
once you remove the center dash piece, the climate control is bolted down with hex screws (not sure if metric or standard) and the wires all unplug from the back. it should be no more than $10.
as for the radio, they're not hard to find if you go to a local pull it yourself junk yard (and they're cheap- no more than $10 usually). if you're diehard set on putting back in a factory radio (I'd determine if the radio is the problem first) , and cant find one (or the dash piece) from a 80- 86 caddy, you can get one from the 87 -89? caddies (but you will need the center dash piece and mounting brackets from that car). you can also get a radio from pretty much any GM vehicle of the era with either the 1 knob on either side or the taller 1.5 DIN (87-early 90's) radio (2 knobs on left side, usually 4 presets and cassette deck) but the faceplate styling wont match the car 100%. Do NOT get a bose head unit. they have no built in amp (they say delco-bose on the faceplate). also, do not get a radio from anything after 1989 or 90 (they changed the harness to a 20 or 21 pin harness).
as for the rear wheel well trim, that too can be had at a local junkyard. the trim from any 1980's rwd caddy will fit (you need 1 phillips screwdriver for the screws) and push hard on the screws, else you might eat them or the screwdriver up. the chrome rocket molding isnot that hard to get off too. you need to take the chrome wheel well molding off first, then there is some sort of spring clip behind the filler panel between the taillight and the body. I have not been successful in removing my spring/ clip thing, but I'm sure someone else will chime in and give you the lowdown on how to do so. .

12-16-10, 02:08 PM
thank you guys for the help its going to be a few weeks before i get the car back to check every thing over y'all suggested this thing has been driving me crazy since around 2002 .
im putting the factory radio in it when i find one im trying to restore her back to original because it was my grandpas car he bought it new