: Anyone know where the ground wires are for the ignition modules on 00+ Northstars?

12-15-10, 07:32 PM
I find reference to them but cannot find them even in the factory service manual. The ignition modules only have a single cable to them as far as I can tell. I am reviewing everything before reinstalling the cradle later tonight and am confused. The FSM under removal and installation only tells you to disconnect the cable and remove the mounting bolts and the 4 spark plug tubes. Install is the reverse, no reference to the grounding wires.

Thanks in advance,


12-15-10, 10:06 PM
Doesn't it ground through the mounting bolts?

12-15-10, 10:11 PM
The 2000+ ICM ground and low signal reference is in each (7 pin ?) connector itself. The main cassette ground is the central spring which sticks out of the coil connector side of the assembly. (Both ICM's are identical).