: CA man arrested for mailing medical marijuanna to TN.

12-15-10, 06:24 PM

This is classic. He didn't do anything to hide or cover up the smell, just pretty much stuck it in the mail. Here's your sign...

12-16-10, 01:49 AM
I think he had a pretty good idea, just poorly executed IMO. I really think you could get away with shipping a small amount of pot in a small, book/document Fedex type box. Just seal that shit up real good to where it doesn't stink, and it looks just like you're shipping a stack of important documents overnight, just like Fedex probably does tens of thousands of these type of things a day. Just make sure the person has to sign for it, you don't want it dropped on their doorstep when they aren't home. Might also put something heavy in there with the pot, so its the same weight as a stack of documents.

But yeah, shipping 8lbs of pot is a shitload pot. I think I'd be driving across the country to make that transaction in person.

12-16-10, 02:41 AM
You speak like a person that has been in this business for a life!

12-16-10, 02:45 AM
I would ship any drugs. IMHO the drug dogs are very effective in finding any drugs in packages.


12-16-10, 08:52 AM
"This will probably give me away but...I love the FedEx guy, cause he's a drug dealer and he don't even know it!"

-Mitch Hedberg