: New member: CTS 2005 help

12-15-10, 11:23 AM
Afternoon all,

I have come to introduce myself and also ask a question in the process....so HI!!...

onto the question...

I live in the UK and have recently purchased a Cadillac CTS 2.8 v6 2005 model. It didnt come with a Satnav and has the cd multichanger.

I have 2 questions really:

1. I have seen PA15-VETTE, a cable/device that lets you connect your ipod/iphone to your GM vehicle. Has anyone used this? is the installation hard? will it work with a UK CTS 2005?

2. I have seen on the US ebay site there are some cts navigation units for sale, will these work in the UK? and again how difficult are these to fit?

any help will be greatly appreciated!