: How do I repair this? (starter pics inc.)

12-14-10, 11:44 AM
So back when I put on the headers I noticed some lines near the starter had the outside loom melted a little bit so I wrapped them up. The starter looked a little off to me even though I had never seen a starter but I kind of forget about. Well today I was cleaning the block where the heads seal and with the engine bay cleaned out I see this...


What do I need to do to fix this? The car has always started, but I can't see leaving it exactly like it is while I have so much access to it.

I'm pretty sure this has been this way a while and I'm assuming all of the problems I've had with the car are related? (rear most passenger exhaust manifold bolt was snapped off, rear most passenger MM to engine block bracket was only bolted in a few cross-threaded threads, and now this) Anything I should check around here that might have been messed up from before?


12-14-10, 12:06 PM
The "fix" for that is to replace it.

12-14-10, 12:32 PM
Agree! Unless you like fires..

12-14-10, 12:51 PM
Was your car ever in an accident? Seems odd you would have so many issues with broken bolts and all on the pass side. Although if you had a bad MM and twisting the block around in there could have broken a manifold bolt and the MM bolt for sure. I would def replace the starter though. Looks like an arc waiting to happen.

12-14-10, 01:22 PM
Thanks I will replace it, what about the wiring going to it? (edit, I had Luke ship me a new connector as well as the starter, do I just cut the old one off, slide some heat shrink on, splice the new connector in, heat it up, wrap it with heat shielding and good to go?) Also, no point in sending my core in, correct?

No accident that I know of.

12-14-10, 03:12 PM
Sounds like your car had headers on it before and maybe they were taken off when it was sold?