View Full Version : Need help choosing grille for 2000 Escalade...cracked mine

12-14-10, 11:03 AM
My wife cracked the front bumper and grille of our 2000 Cadillac Escalade. The insurance guy is checking it out today. If I get it fixed I figured that I would try to get something different than stock for the grille like chrome or mesh. Anyone know where to get a quality grille that will fit. I see some stuff on Ebay, but there is not much for a 2000. The plastic painted part is cracked so I need the whole grille assembly. Do I buy the aftermarket/factory grille and then get the chrome/mesh insert to install over or in place of the black stock grille? It seems like a lot of the stuff online is like that. I would prefer to buy the whole piece and then probably have a shop paint it. Can I still mount an emblem? I read somewhere that 2 sided sticky stuff is good enough, but I live in Minnesota and it gets very cold. Any advice would be most appreciated, so that I am not totally clueless when I walk into the body shop. Thanks!

12-15-10, 10:16 PM
I love my platinum.

12-16-10, 01:38 AM
You should never let an insurance company evaluate damage in your driveway. They do this under the guise of helping expedite the claim, but what they are really doing is trying to cut you a check asap, before a profesional at a bodyshop can look at it. unfortunately you are going to get way less money than if it was at a shop being looked at with profesionals representing your interest. Call me if you need advice. 401-575-0234. Name is Don.

12-17-10, 09:12 PM

Thanks for the input. What's a platinum look like? Where do you buy one? I am looking at a precision that comes mounted in the shell on ebay. What do you think of that?



Thanks for the advice on insurance companies. I just took it in to the shop for an estimate. $1900 they said. Still haven't heard back from my insurance company. I think in Minnesota it is a law that I can take it to any shop and the insurance company has to pay. The shop said that if the insurance quote comes in low then they call them up and work something out. Hopefully I don't get screwed, but I think I will be OK as long as I don't cash the check and then wait a long time to get it fixed. Let me know if you have any more advice for me.

12-19-10, 01:14 PM