: 1970 Trim Delete Option?

12-13-10, 11:59 PM
I recently bought a really nice, low mile '70 DeVille. It still has the original paint and sheet metal, it's near-pristine and completely unmolested. I noticed something strange though. In addition to not having wheel well moldings -- they were never installed from the factory, there are holes around the wheel wells, but they never had screws in them -- there are no front fender crest emblems and no holes for them. I thought all RWD 1970 Cadillacs received these crests. There is absolutely no evidence that they were ever on the car. Again, it's got the original sheet metal, never been painted, no evidence whatsoever of any collision damage or repair, no holes or repairs on the leading edges of the fender, it looks like they were just never there. This is the only unusual thing about the car.

Has anyone ever seen another '70 without these emblems? Was there some kind of trim delete option that would have maybe left the crests and wheel well moldings off? It's a later build, from April, maybe it was sporadic near the end of production? Any input would be appreciated.

12-14-10, 12:47 AM
I believe the Calais was the only model that was de-badged like that. Check you VIN plate; the model number for a Coupe de Ville is 70-68347J and the number for the Calais hardtop Coupe was 70-68247G.

12-14-10, 12:54 AM
It is definitely a DeVille, and the Calais definitely got this trim piece like all the rest. I also own a '70 Calais, and it has it, as do other Calais I've seen. I've never seen a '70 RWD Cadillac without it, except mine.

(As far as I know, the only differences in external trim between the DeVille and Calais were the Calais did not get the trunk lock cover emblem, had small, plain backup light surrounds rather than the DeVille's larger, more elaborate pieces, and the badge on the rear quarters said "Calais" instead of "Coupe de Ville" or "Sedan de Ville". Otherwise, externally I believe they were the same.)

12-14-10, 05:25 AM
Calais definitely got this trim piece.

Mine has the fender crests and it also has the swivel trunk lock cover.

I have the trims around the rear wheel shrouds.

Mine is a January 1970 build.

On a side note... anyone ever considered modifying a set of 1970 Fleetwood stainless lower body trims (yeh I know it's bastardry of sorts) to fit a Calais / Coupe Deville or were they available?

12-14-10, 02:46 PM
Must have been thinking about '69 then...