: So what on earth does it take...

NJ 90 Brougham
12-13-10, 09:19 PM
...to sell a one-owner, 16.500 mile 1990 Brougham on eBay? It now has "sold" twice with both highest bidders flaking out of the process. The last one wanting to to offer me part cash and part Rolex watches.

Are you kidding me? Any ideas on takers...? :-)


cadillac kevin
12-13-10, 09:26 PM
just wondering, how much were you selling it for? I would guess 10k or more

12-13-10, 10:45 PM
You gotta wait till after the holidays. If its not a gift, you will get low-balled. I'm hoping to low-ball a bank for a house right before the bank closes the year, hopefully I can find one I like and submit the offer in time. If you wait till mid-january or tax season, you should get your money.

12-14-10, 09:18 AM
pretty sure I've seen your car before but can you put some pics in here?

Also, what are we talking about for price?

NJ 90 Brougham
12-14-10, 10:14 PM
So, folks, here is a link to photos on the flickr page. And yes, above 10k is correct, but really not much. Highest bid was 11k, and that's the ballpark I would see it go for. I am actually looking for a driver - which I guess this one isnt really - one that can take some everyday driving better than this one.


Hope the link works. Otherwise email me at axelcatton at aol dott comm.


12-14-10, 10:37 PM
That thing is nice!

12-15-10, 07:28 AM
that is a nice car, man!

If I had 11k...I'd consider it! but I've never paid more than 1800 for a car. lol

12-15-10, 10:32 AM
Sweeeet!! :drool: For someone looking a 87-92 Brougham this is THE car. Just wait a month as youŽve been told and IŽm sure youŽll sell it ;)

NJ 90 Brougham
12-15-10, 01:47 PM
The story is even sweeter. It belonged to "Uncle Stan" in a tiny town outside of Buffalo for all of its life. He bought it at age 76 new in October of 1990 (sorry, it's a 91, not a 90) and kept it until October of this year, at his untimely passing at age 96. He apparently was always very fussy about it, never drove it in the rain and never in winter. His nephew who sold me that car, said he also had a 2003 Grand Marquis with 18.000 miles. Guess there wasnt much driving going on in that town. The frontal paint area looks virtually unmarked from chips or insect damage, so I guess it also never reached the speeds I subjected it to when I drove it down the 400 miles from Buffalo to NJ in November.

It has many neat things like the two tape cassettes (one is still in its wrapper), and a video called "Cadillac Memories", would you believe it? And the golden plaque recognizing Uncle Stan's 3rd brand new Cadillac from the dealership. It also has - not on the images I guess - four unmarked black rubber floor mats. It even smells new. Unbelievable, and a bit intimidating. I enjoed showing it off and cruising around in it, but for parking outside of the restaurant, I'd rather find something else.

You can also find the whole story on eBay if you search for "completed listings". It's hard to miss...

Thanks for your kind remarks,


12-15-10, 02:04 PM
so it went from a "one owner" in the first post to you being the 3rd owner?

"Uncle Stan", his nephew, and you...

Even if you don't consider the nephew an owner that still makes it not a one owner car.

12-15-10, 05:41 PM
Yah, even with the body in that good shape, it seems you have the 5.0 motor, which is not as desirable, and velour seats, which may be why you are not having serious buyers at more than 10K. Just my two cents.

12-15-10, 08:05 PM
Seems like a nice car. Why not drive it yourself? Somebody will so it might as well be you.

12-15-10, 09:06 PM
Wasn't it in 91 that they went from a 5.0 olds dog to a 5.0 high compression chevy? there is a big difference.. a picture of the motor would be nice..

12-15-10, 09:39 PM
Yes, the base engine for 91 was the L03 5.0 chevy. I have never heard the L03 called "high compression"...

To answer the OP's question, "What does it take?": a willing seller, and a willing buyer. That's it. A car is only worth what someone will pay for it.

12-15-10, 09:45 PM
that just seems like a lot to me for a car nearly 21 years old (considering like a 2011 model starts for sale in 2010 type deal). I know it is in mint condition and like new though so with the right buyer it might go for that but I see 80s - late 90s low miles caddies for dirt cheap. Granted I have yet to see one with that low of miles. Still it looks nice and I don't even like those body styles personally. I stopped liking them when they went to square headlights in the 70s.

12-16-10, 11:20 PM
Have to agree with the general consensus...your caddy IS absolutely beautiful...However, I think you would have had an easier time selling it at or above 10K IF it came with the d'Elegance and/or sunroof package. If you originally paid at or near the asking price I would understand why you would want to sell at its current price.

12-19-10, 12:34 AM
^Ow, my feelings.

Wait, I don't have those.

Yeah, older Cadillacs are always better, but this is basically the only car the company ever made after the headlights got squared that I ever liked. In my opinion, the Brougham, having survived in that body style until 1992, was the last TRUE Cadillac. Too bad about the engines in the later days though.

Absolutely lovely car, methinks.

12-19-10, 01:09 AM
Yeah, I would've given you a straight up trade for my 1991 Brougham D'Elegance. Same color combo, 5.7 V8, D'Elegance(duh), leather, sunroof, wire wheels, alarm, blah, blah, blah, blah it has every option you could get. Its a nice driver, but not a museum piece like that thing:cool2:

NJ 90 Brougham
12-19-10, 08:20 AM
Aaron, would you like to send me a mail to axelcatton att aol dott komm? THX. A.

12-19-10, 08:39 PM
I agree with cs, drive it, you already own it. :)

NJ 90 Brougham
12-20-10, 11:49 AM
I understand you guys so much, but I just don't share your - shall I say - relaxedness about it. If I can sell it for 10 or even 11k and get myself something not as fancy for 6k, that would make me equally happy, give me no problems in parking it outside of the restaurant or driving it in the rain, and taking it on 600 mile road trips. And it would still be worth 6k two years down the road. It's just me, I guess.

I owned a 15k mile 73 deVille earlier this year, again, same problem. Give me that one with 50k, any day. They are worth more money to other people than they are to me. I am quite happy with a driver more than with a collector.

12-23-10, 12:16 AM

I sympathize with your frustrations. It is erroneous and highly presumptuous of these eBay buyers to change the terms after-the-fact (i.e. partial cash payment + "Rolex" watches, a week at a cheesy time share, offers of livestock, Franklin Mint plates, etc.)

Hold firm to your price. You know what you have - and it's a real desirable prize. It should easily fetch $10K or more. Your Brougham is in the league of the Matt Garrett Cadillacs recently offered. Perhaps look at offering it through Barrett-Jackson?

Moreover, I understand and agree with your concerns regarding casual driving the car around town. These particular Cadillacs draw considerable attention - not always good, as I've encountered firsthand hostile drivers on the road who cannot resist throwing pop and ice or a lit cigarette out their window while alongside me. In addition, the intentional door dings my Brougham has received from mall and restaurant parking lots. Unfortunately, some troubled people cannot stand the thought of seeing someone enjoying an exceptional automobile in near flawless condition. For whatever reason, it draws their ire, envy, jealousy, or bitterness.

Best of success on the sale. Hope you can find a buyer with integrity who appreciates your Cadillac as much as you do.


12-23-10, 01:06 AM
Yeah I was kind of joking about the trade thing. My Brougham is worth about $4000 to the right guy, and my carport IS NOT the place for a museum piece like that. I have the $$$ to buy your car, but not something else to drive every day. And I'd feel kind of silly owning the same color, same model, same year car twice. My next Cadillac has to be red, purple, orange, pink, black, baby blue, or maybe yellow. I love the attention whore colors.

12-23-10, 04:17 AM

Your car is absolutely stunning, and you will receive your asking price in time. Ebay deadbeats are fairly commonplace when it comes to ads like this on eBay. I've had a couple of the same things happen to me. The fact that is happened twice is not surprising to me. Just wait, the 3rd time will be the charm. Previous comments about time of year are correct, winter is not a good time to sell a car for its top value. I always wait till March to sell a car. There's the inkling of Spring around the corner, and tax return checks are fresh in peoples' pockets.

While yours is somewhat of a base Cadillac compared to leather d'Elegance seats and sunroofs, the mileage really does put it over-the-top along with the shear fastidiousness of its upkeep (original cassettes for heaven's sake!). And this car enters a category where those lacking-options are not going to kill the price that substantially (though if you do have them, they are definitely an attention-getter). Yours will still attract a great deal of attention though. Just let Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's pass, and the gurus will start paying attention again. Your pics are great, and your ad is great too. The car will sell. And it will sell at your price. Don't get self-conscious now; now is the time for confidence in the product you're offering.

I've felt the same way about super nice Cadillacs. It's like once I have a nice one, I never want to take it anywhere (Once I had a mint '92 Brougham keyed in my driveway 48 hours after I bought it - sad day - was so devastated I sold it). We are the type who enjoy our cars not as trailer queens, but as drivers -- and there's nothing quite like driving behind the wheel of a big shiny Brougham. But let this super-shiny one go the collectors, and get their money. They will be happy to give it, knowing that this car will remain in their garage and not the restaurant parking lot. You can pocket the difference and enjoy a car without the guilt of putting on all those miles Uncle Stan worked so hard to keep off.


12-23-10, 05:01 AM
^ Great advice from My_Favorite_Brougham

Also, don't sell your car short. It might be lacking in options, but that color combo is to freaking die for. I absolutely love the color combo on my Brougham(same as yours). That "Black Sapphire" paint is really stunning, in bright daylight it has a million miles of depth, at night it looks as black and blue as Satan's soul:lildevil:

EDIT: I really wanted a black on black Brougham when I bought my car. But I really think I like the navy blue better, its definetly a show stopper when it comes to the contrast of the silver rockers and chrome trim, the car just simply pops. Its a total attention whore, even though I'd rate my car a #3 in terms of condition.

NJ 90 Brougham
01-26-11, 08:39 PM
In answer to my own question: it apparently takes two months. Sold the car to a really nice guy in Rhode Island and drove it up there last week on the one day when the roads were clear. Now on to greener (or, err, bluer) pastures.

01-26-11, 09:06 PM
well good for you.... glad you finally were able to pass it along

01-26-11, 10:32 PM
hot damn. ill trade you my kidney...