: 2000 escalade, Crankshaft position sensor question-please help me

12-12-10, 01:35 PM
I will try to keep this brief.
A couple of years ago the check engine light went on. The mechanic reported it was caused by the crankshaft sesor but he said there was no hurry to replace it.

A few weeks ago the car wouldn't start. The mechanic said there was no spark and this was being caused by the crankshaft senor- When he replaced the sensor the car started right up.

My question is, why does the code still come up for the sensor, and when it is erased and reset the check engine light comes right on?

Any insights are appreciated. I am trying to keep the repair cost down, the car was always kept up to date with scheduled maintenance, and up to now the only problems have been fairly minor with the exception of a fuel pump about 2 months ago.

Thank you