: Anyone own 00-05 Deville Projectors? If not post pics of HID headlights & fogs

12-11-10, 05:10 PM
I was wondering if anyone had these projector headlights on there 00-05 Deville? If so please post some pics.


I'm looking to put a HID headlight conversion on my 2000 DTS. On other vehicles I put the kit on in the past some looked good & some just looked horrible because the beam just took over the whole housing & it was just to bright.

The projector hosing was always an idea I was thinking of doing because it keeps the beam in place & I just stumbled on that company that seems to retro fit them, but I don't think I like the black hosing because it looks to custom rather then it looking like it came straight from the factory.

If you have HID's on your stock 00-05 Deville headlight hosing & fogs please post pics.