: Heater Core, 68' Fleetwood

68' Big Body
09-22-04, 05:32 AM
Hi everyone, gotta a quick question. Well yesterday I finally started up the big body and set the timing after doing the HEI swap. For the 5-6 times I started and let it run, it really does start and run much better than before the swap. Car is still in the garage though because after it ran for about 5 minutes, or less I noticed a new problem......

A stream of coolant running from underneath the car, and when I looked into the engine bay, I noticed it was wet just under where the heater core hoses enter the fire wall, and I suspect the heater core is the source, since the front windshield was also misty and steam was coming from the inside vents.

I've already priced a heater core from NAPA @ $46.00 but a friend of mine will be able to get it at cost so even cheaper than that. I'll replace this weekend but I need to know how this unit gets replaced, either from the engine side or from the inside of the car, which? Also how tough a job? I've done these jobs before on cars that required removal and replacement from the inside and it was a big job (4 > hrs).


68' Big Body
09-22-04, 05:34 PM
So no answer to my post huh? no big deal since after doing a search a few different times, I finally found the answer I was looking for, now I can replace this sucker and pull the A/C in prep for the Edelbrock intake and Carb rebuild.


See Ya,

09-22-04, 11:50 PM
Its cake. Engine side, remove the section thats in the center, three bolts on the top, three on the bottom. I unbolted the master switch and left those lines connected, disconnected the power servo, and the vacuum manifold. That whole air box came out, and the heater core was right there. Watch the fitment of the heater hoses, mine fit differently stock, and I need to get them to seal a bit better, namely with the grommet (air leak). The A/C is ok, but these cars have damn good heat.

03-24-13, 02:42 PM
Huh??? Cake. I removed the 6 bolts. Actually 5 and a nut holding the top one. Pried open the seal, but damn thing won't budge. The bigger half with the blower motor in it will. feels like it is going to crack. Any help? Pics?