View Full Version : WINTER Tires? NOKIAN... vs the rest?

12-10-10, 08:16 PM
Hey fellas... I come here for a quick advise...

The Neon is in the shop getting a new gearbox but in mean time we got to get the RAV4 read for winter.

With that comes the question... which winter tire is the best.

I am looking at a price range of 70-80$/tire

I can purchase the following...




12-11-10, 02:24 PM
firestone winterforce. I used them on my cutlass supreme for dilivering mail in the winter. they work very very well. But I woul say all 3 choices are comprable. they have had that winterforce pattern for 7 yrs, so i would say it proven ad trusted!

12-11-10, 04:42 PM
I 2nd the winterforce. I Don't like the studded as they cause a lot of vibration and so much more road noise.

12-11-10, 05:45 PM
Well thats just the picture, the tires will not have studs installed...

I am stuck on the NOKIAN but I wish someone can tell me how fast they will wear out...
The firestone is the cheapest at 64$/tire... the NOKIAN will be around 79$/Tire... and the Kumho is right there as well..

12-11-10, 10:32 PM
Ahhhhh, in all honesty, they're all gonna wear pretty quickly. It's the nature of snow tires dealing with the soft rubber and so many more angles to easily wear on. I'd imagine the traction between the hankook and the nokian are very similar looking at the tread patterns. Although pattern in them make out more of the summer performance, with the microcuts for snow traction. The firestones look more like our blizzaks. I do like how the microcuts follow from the top of the tread to the side of the tread on the nokians, whereas on the firestones the cuts just follow to the ends of the top, then have new cuts on the side. I hope you followed that. =/ My girlfriend always did tell me I wasn't very good with words. Looking at the tread patters I'd still go with firestone. Because of the tread pattern it looks like they may have the least treadlife but I think they'd grip the best. With the 60bux you save you can get a good start on saving for another set. ;)

12-11-10, 11:01 PM
The winterforce will last you a while! delivering mail wears tires very fast, yet I got 2 seasons out of them, then sold them to my friend with 6/32 so still half good. he used them on his honda accord, and they still have at least 2 more seasons. I think they have about 12,000 miles and are still about half good! .. My co worker used the hankook ones you have pictured. they wore faster and created a lot more vibration. I highly recomend the winterforce!!! they are going to be your best bang for your buck. If I were buying brand new snows, they would be what I would get, as the blizzaks are just too pricey new! but I do have 4 blizzaks on my catera. It does awesome!

12-12-10, 11:52 PM
Well the order got placed, I ordered the NOKIANS, as they were mid-priced, and they are one of the only companies in the world dedicated to making winter tires. The Firestones get too many crappy revies all over the place... the Hankook I have on my other car and they are great but they added another 30$ to the order... so for 360$ I got the set of 4 shipped to my house.

Will post pictures of them as they arrive.

12-16-10, 05:48 AM
Tires arrived, they look amazing, rubber is soft even when they sat outside the front door at temps well below 15deg... so im very happy with the purchase. They are going on the car tomorrow.

Here is a shot or two...

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1176.snc4/154831_529443010339_53800591_31124673_4356839_n.jp g