: Starting issue:

12-10-10, 02:15 PM
Back again with yet another issue lol
Over the past 2-3 months, after driving truck with no start problems, the truck just stops cranking.
Bad Battery? Wish....thats too easy. Got it jumped, to it to AZ to have system checked, Battery is OK, Altenator works fine.....but they say that maybe there is an issue with the starter???
Starter was replaced last year almost to the day.
Got stuck last night after Xmas shopping...had AAA jump it, and again, he tests the altenator and its fine.
The battery is from 3/07 so almost 4 years old. Its an autocraft battery?
Could it be time to change the battery? Even though it tests fine?
If so, what is the proper size battery? The AAA driver said that he thought the battery was too small.
Can it be the starter?
Works great except every once in a while, this happens and needs to be fixed before my wife gets stuck in the cold or snow.
Any ideas???
Thanks guys

12-10-10, 03:52 PM
Hey Oldworld! Have u replaced your fusebox assembly? I recall you having issues with this last year. I suggesting bypassing the relay when that happens to see if it cranks, but this will activate the passlock system. If there is corrosion in your fusebox, you will eventually have to bite the bullet and replace it. If not you risk having issues while driving the truck if the fuel pump relay decides to quit! I posted diagrams in your last post for the starting relay. I suggest studying those and carry a test light with you. The next time it happens, you can probe the proper pins on the relay to see what the problem is. When jumped it starts right off? I will be replacing the positive batt cable on mine this weekend. The 8GA fusebox power wire is half corroded on the inside. Could also be ground issue. Keep us posted.