: greetings from the rust belt

cadillac kevin
12-10-10, 12:31 AM
I've been lurking around this site for many months and finally decided to join up. My name is Kevin, and I am from St. Louis, MO (hence the rust belt) around here, most old cars are rotting by the time they're 25 or 30 due to salt. Thankfully, my car is not one of them (mostly :lol) I drive a 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 65xxx miles on the clock. Unfortunately, all but about 2 years of that time the car was owned by a little old lady who couldnt see over the dash, barely maintained the car (fluids never changed, engine never tuned, etc.) thankfully, at least she washed the body, because the underside is squeaky clean and there is no rust except for where the paint is thinning from hitting things. fortuantely the car was cheap ($1500- about base price for a decent car around here)- most caddys cost 3-5k, and have triple the mileage of mine.
the car is cream with a brown opera roof with orange and brown pinstripes and wire basket hubcaps. The car has had body work (repainted left rear quarter panel, but I havent been able to find bondo, so thats good)
It is not well loaded (for a cadillac that is) it does have the leather seats, trunk release, automatic headlights, heated mirrors and a bunch of other piddly options on top of the factory standard equipment (which were $$$ on any other car)
the main reasons I bought a caddy are 1: caddys are always stylish and inherently cool (at least the fwb's are) and I needed a car with a spacious interior because I have long legs and very long arms, so I needed a car with alot of arm and leg room. I also needed a car with good gas mileage (307s are supposed to be great on gas- mine not so much bc of 25 years of no maintanence. mine gets 12.5 mpg all around on the best day driving conservative to normal and not opening the secondaries)
one of the only things I have done to the car (besides a crapload of detailing to remove 25 years of heavy smoking smell and dirt) is I have added a bose sound system out of a fwd caddy. I know whoever just read that probably thinks I am crazy, but I think its a decent radio, and considering that it is older than I am, it was top of the line back then. I needed a new radio, and wanted a factory looking stereo because aftermarket ones didnt look right and the buttons were too far in to the dash for me to reach without leaning over (seats all the way back because my arms and legs are so long. the radio deck and front speakers are out of a 91 seville, while the rear speakers are out of a 86 corvette. I've heard alot of bashing of the bose system, but I have no major issues with it. It needs more bass, and better eq, but it sounds better than any aftermarket stereo I could have bought for the price, including new speaker wire for the car (old wires were crummy), the system cost about $150, (that includes $50 in wires, plus a backup set of amps and speakers) and under normal levels, sounds 10x better than the one it replaced (it was filled with cigarette ash)

I'll put up some pics later on.

12-10-10, 07:53 AM
Not a bad deal on the stereo. Unfortunately, the 307 isn't all that great on gas, and believe it or not, the TBI 350 cars from 90-92 are better than their older Olds counterparts (though, also much more expensive). Looking forward to pics. :)

cadillac kevin
12-11-10, 02:23 PM
http://i987.photobucket.com/albums/ae356/jetthreatkevin/cadillac/th_PC091070.jpg (http://s987.photobucket.com/albums/ae356/jetthreatkevin/cadillac/?action=view&current=PC091070.jpg)
http://i987.photobucket.com/albums/ae356/jetthreatkevin/cadillac/th_PC091072.jpg (http://s987.photobucket.com/albums/ae356/jetthreatkevin/cadillac/?action=view&current=PC091072.jpg)
(and yes the air cleaner lid is flipped in the last pic- it helps the car breathe better over 40 mph. at 70mph, you can actually hear the air going in the carb and out the tailpipe. it sounds odd and is very loud, but I'll take a bit of carb and exhaust noise anyday over a engine thats starved for air.

12-14-10, 11:19 PM
That's actually cool in a weird sort of way. :thumbsup:

Some front fillers, finish the radio, and fix up that door panel and you've got quite a nice ride. :)

cadillac kevin
12-14-10, 11:58 PM
thanks. its actually a pretty good car . hey its survived 25 years with no major cosmetic (rust) or drivetrain issues- how many jap cars can do that- especially in missouri?
its a fun daily driver/ project car, and amazingly, it turns alot of heads (most of them are wrecked bad, heavily rusted, or "donked" out)