: Anyone have the RubberTite™ Mats?

12-09-10, 11:37 AM
I am wondering if anyone here have the RubberTite™ Mats in their SRX? I know they are a little "utilitarian", but I had a pair in another car and kind of liked them when I knew I would be in messy conditions/ and or sandy places as the little holes caught everything. If you do have them, how close is the tan color a match to go with Shale/Brownstone interior? The others I had were black. Thanks.

12-09-10, 11:19 PM
I've never gotten rubbertites, but I do have a set of clear protector mats (also from Lloyd's) that I've used in my CTS for two winters. The clear let the cashmere rugs show through, and they did protect the floor pretty well, but the carpeting on the side panels needed cleaning after the winter. Then last month I saw the weathertechs pictured in this forum's thread simply titled "Weathertech". I ordered a set for my wife's SRX in tan, AND a set for my CTS, also in tan. My wife's SRX interior is the same color as yours, and she is quite happy with the tan mats. What we like the most is how these fit in both cars, and offer much more protection because they are made to cover not just the floor, but are formed to also protect the carpeted side panels and the sill area. They even cover the left footrest. Yes, they cost twice as much as the rubbertites, but they offer 4 times the protection. Check out the weathertech post - the picture is exactly what your car will look like if you get them.