: Disconnecting A/C sensors to stop "Low Refrigerant Level" from flashing???

12-09-10, 11:14 AM
If someone says this question was already answered in other threads, I apologize. I didn't search the entire site and every topic's threads. It's a technical question and therefore I searched the technical section. Only found 7 threads after searching for "Air Conditioning".

Here is my question. It's really quite simple... :hmm:

Is there something I can unplug or a wire I can ground out in order to stop "Low Refrigerant Level... A/C Compressor Disabled" from always flashing across my dash? It's very annoying, and I already know it!

I just happen to have a 93 Seville, and 93 was the last year of R-12. So I can't recharge my system unless I happen to find someone with some R-12 laying around. I heard converting to R-134 is a big hassle and pretty expensive, yet my brother said he knows someone that has done it to all his cars by simply flushing the system completely and refilling the R-12 with R-134 and hasn't had any issues yet (and he's an ASE-certified mechanic in his 60's!).

I don't really care about having A/C right now during the winter anyway. I just want that message to stop coming up. Any advice would sure be appreciated. Thanks.