: Searching for the Northstar- Please Help

09-21-04, 11:01 PM
have a 1997 STS, 109k, Blown head gasket...local Caddy dealer is quoting close to $4k for repairs, not taking into account any other probs found along the way.

Does anyone know of a cheap place to get a new Northstar, or any cheap rebuilt or used sources?

thanks in advance!

09-21-04, 11:18 PM

09-23-04, 06:54 PM
I suggest that u go and buy a rebuilt since ur expecting to pay that much.
If I was in your situation I would go to a junk yard and pull an engine and rebuilt it. I gurantee you will save at least a thousand.

09-23-04, 07:17 PM
Used motors are going to run around two grand to buy, labor at everywhere I found was another two thousand...four grand for a used motor is about right if you're going to have it installed. I found a 37,000 mile motor that I'm putting in myself, it'll be here tomorrow and the other one is out of the car...hopefully I'll be driving again in a week or so!? Good luck!

chuck jenkins
09-23-04, 08:07 PM

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1995 - 1999 Cadillac 4.6 (LD8) New Goodwrench Engine # 12567314
Click here for: Warranty info, Installation Instructions

SKU: 12567314
RETAIL: $7,089.69
PRICE: $3,960.22


Every new or remanufactured Goodwrench engine is made to the same exacting engineering standards that go into every new GM vehicle.
They’re tested to make sure they’ll perform under the most demanding conditions and backed by a 36-month/50,000 mile transferable limited warranty.

Only original replacement parts are used in every GM Goodwrench remanufactured engine. And new design enhancements and product improvements are incorporated into every remanufactured engine.

Plus, service is available at over 7,000 GM dealers across the United States and Canada.