: No Fobs Detected

12-09-10, 12:54 AM
Tonight when I went to start my 2005 STS said No Fobs Detected.

I originally thought that maybe my battery in my fob was dying, so I grabbed the second key fob. Still the same, No Fobs Detected.

I can still remote start the vehicle from inside a building and walk up to the vehicle and hop in; however, when I go to press the green button it says No Fobs Detected. It takes almost 10 times of pressing the start button before it will actually let me put it in gear to go.

I am confused. Is there an easy fix that doesn't cost much, because I just had to fix the case halves on the Northstar in it and that was not cheap!

12-09-10, 06:49 PM
Try placing either fob into the programming socket inside your front center armrest and starting the car. Mine does this occasionally too and that normally cures it... oh yeah... try fresh batteries too is that doesnt work.